Florida Man Claims 3 Syringes Found In His Rectum Aren’t His

Wesley Dasher Scott is making national headline news today after claiming that three syringes found hidden in his rectum were not his. Scott was arrested on a warrant stemming from a drug charge in Clearwater, Florida.

While his arrest is just one of many throughout the day across the nation, it was the excuse he offered that stood out amongst the masses. Scott found himself arrested in the early hours of Friday morning.

The 40-year-old was first searched out in a field, where he was taken into custody. He was asked by a deputy at that time if he had anything hidden on his body. He was then transported to the Pinellas County Jail on a drug charge, and was then booked.

According to WFLA News, a deputy said Scott was given the chance to come clean. The deputy also said Scott was fully aware of the consequences if he was caught hiding contraband.

It was during a strip search in the receiving area of that jail that the three syringes were discovered. According to reports, it was during that search that Scott removed the three syringes from his rectum, and handed them to a deputy.

Although they were tucked up into his rectum and he, himself, fished them out for the deputy — his excuse was odd. That excuse is making headlines today. Scott told the deputies that the syringes were not his.

Not giving up those syringes when first asked resulted in another charge for Scott. He now faces several charges including, “felony possession of contraband in a county detention facility, possession of drugs without a prescription with intent to sell, possession of marijuana, and possession of drugs without a prescription.”

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Scott used the “Shaggy Defense” by saying the syringes were not his. The “Shaggy Defense” is a term used when someone is caught committing a crime — and there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove as much. Still, the suspect might deny having anything to do with it.

It seems the term “Shaggy Defense” originates from the Shaggy song “It Wasn’t Me.” The song’s lyrics describe a woman catching another woman with her man. The man then denies it was him that she saw.

In Scott’s case — while he denied that the syringes were his, he also failed to explain just whose they were, and how they got there. He is being held on $5,000 bond at the correctional facility.

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