Official Marco Rubio Water Bottle Now Available After ‘Rubio Reaches For Water’

Following the “Rubio reaches for water” moment in the State of the Union rebuttal, the official Senator Marco Rubio water bottle is now available.

“Rubio reaches for water” became a popular trending term — and a bid deal in the media — as the Florida senator gave the GOP response Tuesday night. The term began trending after Marco Rubio awkwardly grabbed for a bottle of water that was just out of his reach during his speech and took a swig.

On Twitter, Rubio quipped that after picking thousands of new followers since the SOTU response, he’s going to drink water in the middle of all his speeches.

It was a funny moment to be sure, but certainly a far less important issue than the substance of either Obama’s or Rubio’s policies as The Inquisitr previously explained.

Marco Rubio may have the last laugh. His PAC, Reclaim America, is offering the official Marco Rubio water bottle to whose who make a donation. As the PAC website explains:

“Send the liberal detractors a message that not only does Marco Rubio inspire you… he hydrates you too.”

Rubio’s Twitter feed added that “quench your thirst for conservative leadership … order a bottle now.”

Rubio went on FNC this morning to explain what happened and to further discuss the SOTU.

The good-natured senator noted that his mouth got dry after first delivering the speech in Spanish. “I figured I’m better off just taking that water and taking the hit for it than being unable to pronounce my words at the end of it.”

Rubio Water Bottle

As far as the content of the SOTU, Rubio told the Fox and Friends hosts that America is resilient, but that Obama has a far different views about how to address our vast economic problems than his predecessors:

“Our free enterprise system is what makes our middle class possible, not government … Presidents of both parties … traditionally have understood this. This president seems to think that the free enterprise system is the cause of our problems.”

In the interview, Rubio contended that the president is obsessed with raising taxes. Rubio noted that for every problem we face, Obama’s solution “is a tax increase, a new regulation, or a government spending program.” That approach has never created “a vibrant middle class.” It’s an old idea that doesn’t work and has failed all over the world when it has been tried, he added.

Would you agree that that the mainstream media ran with Rubio’s “water break/water-gate” story because they’re afraid that he will be a player in 2016 and they want to discredit and undermine him now?

Watch Marco Rubio’s FNC interview in which he talks about the SOTU: