‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Tensions Are Running High Throughout Port Charles

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Things will be rather tense throughout Port Charles during Tuesday’s episode, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central. Oscar’s prognosis looks grim, Sam has realized she has a prior connection to “Shiloh,” and Cameron is headed to court. Where will things head next?

The latest sneak peek for Tuesday’s show reveals that Cameron will stop by to visit Oscar, seemingly on his way to — or from — the courthouse. He’ll be in a rather chipper mood, and he appears to be rambling a bit as he starts talking to the still-hospitalized teen.

Cam will talk about good news that he needed to hear, and it may be that he thinks Oscar will be able to share good news with him about the clinical trial working. Or, it may be that Cameron has learned that his recent run of trouble will not lead to major consequences for him.

Unfortunately, Oscar, Kim, and Drew learned from Terry that the trial hasn’t worked. The teen is facing a heartbreaking prognosis. While he copes with what he feels is his fate, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Josslyn will be convinced that she can find a solution. She’ll talk with Carly about another place that perhaps could help Oscar, if Joss could get him there.

Kim is hanging on by a thread at this point — and General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll explode during this next episode. She’s desperate to find a way to save Oscar, and Alexis will stop by to talk with her.

Alexis’ timing will be about as bad as it could be, and as the Inquisitr has previously noted, the two women will have an intense confrontation. Kim thinks that Alexis is the woman who hopped into bed with Julian.


According to SheKnows Soaps, Sam is going to be struggling with feelings of being left out somehow. While it’s not clear what’s causing that, the preview notes that she will talk with Drew about worrying that she’s being set up in some sense.

Viewers now know that “Hank” or “Shiloh” is not only the leader of Daisy’s questionable “D.O.D.” group — and a supposed old friend of Drew’s. Sam has pieced together that he’s also apparently the son of a man she conned years ago. It’s definitely too convenient to think that all of those things just happen be a matter of pure circumstance, so it seems that fans have been right to be suspicious of Hank. The question is, what is he planning to do — and how ugly will things get?

Tuesday’s show will have Elizabeth and Franco at the courthouse, seemingly there for the hearing on Cam’s latest bit of trouble. Soap Central indicates that viewers will see Franco on edge this week, and it may be during this courthouse exchange. Not only are Liz and Franco worried about Cam — as well as concerned over Aiden’s school troubles — but Franco will be breaking the news to his fiancee that Oscar’s trial was unsuccessful.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there are more complications on the way as the week continues, and fans have a lot to look forward to as these storylines move forward. How dangerous is Shiloh — and what more will Elizabeth and Franco have to work through before they can get married? Viewers can’t wait to find out.