‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar Needs A Miracle, Fans Think He Still Has A Chance

Craig SjodinABC Press

It’s turning out to be a somber week on General Hospital already. Not only is Ryan Chamberlain about ready to strike again, but now Oscar Nero’s diagnosis hasn’t changed at all. His experimental trial to reduce his tumor in order to be able to operate didn’t work. It looks like there is absolutely no more hope for the teen.

Monday’s General Hospital started out with Oscar in good spirits and ready to take on the world. He and Josslyn were making plans for the year down to the last detail. He has big plans with Joss on June 21, the longest day of the year. Unfortunately, that came to an abrupt end when Kim and Drew went into his room to break the news that the treatment failed. Terry informed them that they should wait a bit to see how much longer he has. Soap Central indicates that Oscar will lean on Josslyn, and he sure needs her right now.

While there are many viewers out there who are not big fans of Oscar, there are other faithful ones who are not too keen on watching the boy die from cancer. They are calling for the GH writers to perform a miracle. In fact, they are advocating for Dr. Patrick Drake to come back to Port Charles to save Oscar’s life. He and Robin are living in California with their two kids. Although Robin and Emma Scorpio make an appearance once in a while, Patrick has not and most likely won’t unless they recast the character. Jason Thompson is currently on The Young and the Restless.

That leaves Oscar Nero with a very grim future. Would General Hospital really kill off the boy? It does make for an emotional ride for viewers. However, there could still be a chance that Oscar will beat his cancer somehow.


Most do agree that Josslyn has better chemistry with Cameron. If Oscar should die, this would pave the way for those two teens to lean on each other and possibly be a couple. This is a soap where anything can happen. Oscar may just get another chance at life, even after basically being told he is going to die soon.

However, there is another neurosurgeon in town, even if he isn’t Patrick Drake. Griffin Munro replaced Patrick when he left town, but he is grieving the loss of Kiki right now and hasn’t really been seen back at work just yet. Saving Oscar’s life may just be the thing he needs to get him back on track. Would he be up for the job?

We’ll soon find out if Oscar Nero will have a miracle come along or if General Hospital decides to let this character die. Keep watching to see what happens.