‘Little People, Big World’ Star Jackson Roloff Gets Nursemaid’s Elbow In Disneyland

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Little People, Big World star Jackson Roloff came down with nursemaid’s elbow, a common childhood illness, at the worst possible time – while the family was at Disneyland. Fortunately, the little tot got better and the family was able to enjoy their magical trip.

As mom Tori Roloff writes on Instagram, the family is in Anaheim to visit the Happiest Place on Earth and the preschooler started acting anything but happy. It turns out the little tyke was bedeviled by a nursemaid’s elbow, which Tori admits could be genetic or could just be one of Jackson’s quirks.

“Jackson is prone to nursemaids elbow (could be a dwarfism thing or it could just be a Jackson thing).”

Nursemaid’s elbow (or sometimes called “nursemaid elbow”), for those not familiar, is a relatively routine childhood injury, according to Healthline. Officially called a “radial head subluxation,” it’s when the bones of the elbow are pulled apart and dislocated. It can happen pretty easily, from a parent picking the child up by the arm or even from routine play. The name comes from the apparent tendency of childhood caregivers in the past pulling on children’s outstretched arms.

Fortunately, the injury is easy to treat, and the pain and discomfort the child feels usually goes away pretty quickly.

Tori says that she and the family were lined up for their favorite ride, the Peter Pan ride, when Jackson started “pulling away” from her, and “that’s when things went south.”

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Tori admits that she was “bummed,” not only because her little tyke was injured, but also because they’d have to leave Disneyland. Fortunately, by the time they got to a doctor, the situation was already starting to resolve itself (as it often does). They were given the all-clear to return to Disneyland, “with lots of cuddles and some Tylenol behind us.”

Tori waxed philosophical about the whole thing.

“It was a good reminder that things don’t always go according to plan and you have to roll with life. I am so thankful Jackson was such a champ today. He rallied harder than anyone and we were still able to enjoy moms favorite place!”

Unfortunately for Jackson, nursemaid’s elbow may not necessarily be the only injury and/or ailment that bedevils him throughout his life. The lad was, like his father Zach and his grandmother Amy, born with achondroplasia dwarfism. Some people with the condition, like Amy, make it through life without much more than the routine wear & tear on the human body that people without dwarfism go through. Others, like Zach, are beset by lifelong medical problems caused by the condition. It remains unclear which path Jackson will wind up taking.