Fox News Analyst Says Trump Likes Shutdown Chaos Because It Keeps Mueller Out Of The News

Alex WongGetty Images

Another Fox News analyst is speaking critically about Donald Trump, suggesting that he prefers that the government shutdown be the subject of news coverage because it pushes the Robert Mueller investigation off of the proverbial front page.

Raw Story reports that Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt believes that Donald Trump is making a trip to the border and speaking out to the country in primetime about building a wall to keep the topic of the Mueller investigation out of the news. Stirewalt says that the government shutdown, which has left 800,000 people without pay, is the kind of chaos that Trump likes.

“The shutdown is good for Trump. It keeps his base engaged. It keeps the news off of other things that are bad for him. When this is the story, Mueller is not the story.”

The Fox analyst says that when things get out of control, this is the sort of thing that Trump does to control the news cycle.

As a guest on The Daily Briefing, Stirewalt added that even the “sniveling” Congress won’t let Trump use a claim of State of Emergency to get the military to start work on his billion-dollar wall.

He insists that even Mitch McConnell won’t let Trump get away with this.

“But not even our sniveling Congress, not even this Congress is going to let the president start declaring states of emergency,” Stirewalt said. “By the way, they’re also not going to let him keep having six acting cabinet or cabinet-level officials unconfirmed for their current jobs by the Senate. That can’t persist either.”


But Stirewalt isn’t the only Fox News correspondent that thinks Trump has stepped over the line and is in trouble as the Mueller investigation wraps up. Judge Andrew Napolitano has shared on-air that he believes there are more indictments coming in the Mueller investigation, and one might be close to home for the president. The Fox judicial expert says that he believes that Donald Trump Jr. will be in the next batch of indictments along with Jerome Corsi.

Judge Napolitano thinks that possible indictments of his children and son-in-law should concern him, plus Michael Flynn’s testimony and the raid on Deutsche Bank (which he believes is also linked to Trump).

“The President himself should be extremely uncomfortable about this.”

Napolitano explains that Deutsche Bank was the primary financial backer of the Trump campaign, and it can’t be a coincidence that they were raided at this time.