Who Is Hannah Brown Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Season With Colton Underwood?

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Hannah Brown is one of the Bachelor contestants who will be vying for Colton Underwood’s final rose this winter and early spoilers suggest that she’ll be getting in some quality time with Colton. Just what do viewers need to know about this bachelorette?

The ABC profile for this Bachelor contestant details that she is 23-years-old and currently resides in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Hannah Brown was Miss Alabama 2018, and she isn’t the only beauty pageant gal involved in Colton Underwood’s season.

Brown graduated from the University of Alabama, the same place her parents went, and she obtained a degree in communications. Hannah grew up in Tuscaloosa and remains a massive Crimson Tide fan.

These days, the Bachelor contestant reportedly works as an interior designer and she said she loves country music. Hannah seems to appreciate a true gentleman who goes a little old school in pulling out her chair or holding open a door for her and it sounds like she’ll likely be rather charmed by Underwood.

Gossip guru Reality Steve has noted that in addition to Brown, fellow contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes has done beauty pageants and the two both competed in Miss USA 2018. In fact, Hannah and Caelynn apparently roomed together during that experience and were friends prior to filming the Bachelor.

Hannah’s Instagram page makes it clear that she places a significant emphasis on religion in her life. Brown has a brother named Patrick she seems to be quite close to and the family appears to love dogs as well. This Bachelor contender is a gorgeous gal who knows how to strut her stuff during a beauty pageant, but it looks like she’s quite comfortable in jean shorts and a country hat riding a John Deere mower back at home too.

Brown shared during her introduction for some of last year’s beauty pageant competitions that she loves to box and started boxing about three years ago. She said she was a little surprised to discover that she’s pretty good at it and Hannah joked that now she feels like Muhammad Ali.

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Hannah also said that she has struggled with depression and anxiety and it took her some time to find her ultimate passion in life. These days, however, Brown is feeling great about who she is, imperfections and all, and it is easy to see why she might make a great early impression on Colton during his Bachelor journey.

Could Hannah Brown be the bachelorette who snags Colton Underwood’s final rose this winter? The Bachelor spoilers for the 2019 season hint that there is plenty of drama on the way and fans cannot wait to see how it all plays out.