January 6, 2019
Chrissy Metz Calls Alison Brie A B**ch On Golden Globes Red Carpet, Doesn't Realize Her Mic Is Still On

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz joined Facebook for a live pre-show ahead of the Golden Globes, and joined hosts AJ Gibson and Missi Pyle for a pre-award show chat. Gibson asked Metz if she knew who Alison Brie was, and Metz replied rather sarcastically that she did, as TMZ reported. Gibson followed up by saying that Brie was on the other end of the red carpet, and after some awkward silence, Metz replied with a simple, "oh," and then Gibson asked if they should go over and chat with the GLOW actress.

"She's such a b**ch," Metz was heard saying as the camera panned over to Brie.

Brie, who attended the Golden Globes in hopes of winning after her first-ever nomination for her role on Netflix's GLOW, did not appear to hear Metz's comment.

Us Weekly tweeted out about the drama and Metz, mid-award show, took the time to respond to the magazine, saying she adores Brie and would never say anything bad about her. She didn't address what she said, and also didn't deny saying it.

"It's terribly unfortunate anyone would think much less run a story that was completely fabricated! I adore Alison and would never say about word about her or anyone! I sure hope she knows my heart," Metz said in her tweet.

Metz, who received several nominations for her role on This Is Us, and Brie have posed together at previous award shows, pictured close together and both rocking happy smiles. It's unclear if there's bad blood between the two, or if this was some weird joke between the actresses.

Prior to gaining success on the NBC hit This Is Us, Metz recalled in her memoir, This Is Me, that she had been bullied from a young age for being plus-sized. She told People Magazine that by middle school, she realized that she looked different than her classmates, and it started affecting her mental health early on.

"By fifth or sixth grade, I started becoming aware of being different in the sense of my size. I started to examine everybody else's body and my own and pick myself apart. …I was wanting to wear a T-shirt when we would go swimming because I didn't want to expose myself. Emotionally, I was so down on myself," Metz revealed.

She also opened up about how she handles relationships now that she's an adult, and how she doesn't feel like she needs to beg people to get in contact with her, either they will, or they won't.

"I don't need to beg somebody to like me, to call me, to text me. I'm your girl or I'm not. I know what I want now and there's no reason to settle for anything less," she said.