Twitter Rips Into Steve Scalise For His Suggestion That Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Followers Are ‘Radicals’

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

The youngest woman ever to become a member of U.S. Congress, Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, has her fair share of detractors — especially among the GOP. She was recently booed by GOP congressmen when she voted for the House Speaker and was once again at the receiving end of Republican criticism for her proposal to tax the rich heavily. Ocasio-Cortez has floated a proposal to tax Americans who earn more than $10 million as much as 70 percent. The plan consists of a marginal tax rate which would, in turn, fund her Green New Deal. As the Huffington Post reports, the deal “would embrace renewable energy and cut back on greenhouse gasses, among other initiatives.”

But right-wing media and GOP congress members are mocking Ocasio-Cortez’s tax plan, saying the high tax rate is a means by Democrats to take hard-earned money away from Americans. Hardly have the Republicans ever mentioned that the plan she is floating uses a marginal tax rate, and it was little surprising when Louisiana congressman and Minority Whip Steve Scalise took to Twitter to attack Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal. He categorized her Green New Deal as a “leftist fantasy program” which would take away Americans’ hard-earned money.

Not known for hiding, Ocasio-Cortez immediately hit back.

“You’re the GOP Minority Whip. How do you not know how marginal tax rates work?” she wrote on Twitter.

“Oh that’s right, almost forgot: GOP works for the corporate CEOs showering themselves in multi-million bonuses; not the actual working people whose wages + healthcare they’re ripping off for profit.”

Scalese attempted to take the feud to another direction. Posting screenshots of Twitter users who attacked the Republican for mocking her tax plan, Scalese tried to deflect from his initial argument and blamed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her “radical” supporters.


Not surprisingly, many Twitter followers quickly understood that Scalise’s tweet was a way to deflect from the original argument. Within minutes of Scalise trying to evade any discussion when, in fact, it was he who had started the feud in the first place, Twitter called him out. Several users brought to attention Scalise’s troublesome affinity for white supremacism, asking him to refrain from attacking someone else’s “supporters” when in fact some of his own “supporters” have very disturbing pasts.

“So you either don’t know how marginal tax rates work (disqualifying you from speaking on the issue), or you do know and you’re lying to the public to confuse and scare them (disqualifying you from office). Which is it?” one user asked him.