125 MPH, No Brakes: Disabled Driver Stuck In Runaway Car

A disabled driver became trapped inside his runaway car during a 125 MPH nightmare down a French highway with no brakes.

Frank Lecerf, who drives a car specially designed for disabled drivers, was on his way to the grocery store when the vehicle began accelerating on its own. According to the Gawker, the automobile continued to gain speed despite his attempt to use the brakes.

Lecerf was soon trapped inside the Renault Laguna doing 125 MPH down a highway with absolutely no way of making it stop. He quickly called the police and warned them about the situation as he sped through traffic.

The Guardian reports that every time the driver attempted to use the brakes, the car would go faster. Realizing they had no way to stop the vehicle, officers created a protective convoy around Lecref in an effort to protect everyone on the road.

Authorities explained that the disabled driver was stuck inside the vehicle for around 150 miles. Lecerf reportedly sped through three toll booths and across the border into Belgium. When his car finally ran out of fuel, it coasted into a ditch.

According to the Daily Mail, a technician from Renault attempted to help police solve the problem over the phone during the chase. However, the company was unable to provide officers with a solution.

The driver said this isn’t the first time he’s had trouble with his Laguna. The car had previously jammed in the past, though he believed the problem had been fixed. Since he feels the company put his life in danger, he has filed a lawsuit against Renault over the faulty vehicle. An investigation into the matter is currently underway.

At the end of the day, nobody was hurt when the disabled driver found himself doing 125 MPH down the highway with no brakes. Although Frank Lecerf experienced two epileptic seizures during the incident, he is expected to be okay.

[Image by 4FreePhotos]