Texas Teacher Lassos Student, Bruises His Neck

A Texas teacher lassoed his student on Monday during a history lesson gone very wrong.

The 7th grader ended up with rope marks around his neck, while the teacher at Schrade Middle School in Texas has been placed on leave.

The history teacher was attempting to teach his students lasso techniques used during cattle drives, reports KHOU. In order to do so, he asked for student volunteers.

The teacher then had the volunteers run around while he tried to rope them. Garland Independent School District spokesman Chris Moore explained:

“[The teacher] was visiting with the students, telling the students about how Cowboys would corral maverick steers back into the herd.”

But the student in question ended up with bruises and rope burns around his neck instead. The New York Daily News notes that Moore went on to say:

“This is not something that we feel was malicious, it was not intent. Extremely unfortunate, and extremely poor judgement.”

Unfortunately, the teacher’s poor judgement in lassoing his student will come at a cost. The teacher was suspended while the Rowland Police Department is considering criminal charges for injury to a child.


The district has not released the name of the teacher in question. They did say, however, that the teacher feels badly and has agreed never to try lassoing a student again.

The student’s parents have said that the bruises around their 13-year-old son’s neck have only gotten worse. They expressed their outrage that a teacher would do something like this to a student.

Do you think the Texas teacher who lassoed his student should be punished? If so, how?

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