January 3, 2019
Justin Bieber Sings Marvin Gaye To Hailey Baldwin Outside Of Beverly Hills Hotel

Fans are swooning over Justin Bieber's latest chivalrous gesture of love to wife Hailey Baldwin.

The newlyweds were staying at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel in Los Angeles and one eyewitness spied the lovebirds as they left the posh place. Pop star Justin had donned a hard-to-miss bright yellow hoodie paired with relaxed athletic pants and a baseball cap for their jaunt outside.

Model Hailey, 22, sported a casual ensemble, too, and couldn't believe what her hubby did in front of passersby. She's likely used to 24-year-old Justin goofing around when they're out and about, though. He has a very playful side that's been well documented.

The eyewitness told ET Online that Justin seemed to be in a wonderfully upbeat mood. He even posed for a few selfies with an older fan outside the building.

Then he broke out in song, serenading an enthralled Hailey with Marvin Gaye's hit song "Sexual Healing." The pair secretly wed in September 2018 and have been inseparable ever since.

"The couple kept their marriage a secret from a lot of people," a source told ET Online. "Justin and Hailey wanted to be married, and didn't want to wait. They still plan to have a more formal wedding, but for them this intimate ceremony was exactly what they wanted."

It's possible Justin was setting the mood with this particular song since Hailey has spoken publicly about how she would like to start a family very soon. In an interview with Vogue Arabia, she shared how it's her dream to have kids with Justin.

"I love kids and I can't wait to have my own. I would say now that's a closer reality," she said.

In an issue of Harper's Bazaar published after the couple wed, Hailey discussed getting more tattoos, and said she plans to reserve "space for my kids' names."

"I don't want to fill all the cute spots before I get there," she added.

As the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, she knows what it's like to have a close-knit and rambunctious family like the one she dreams of, especially a family that worked hard to keep her out of the limelight while growing up and preserved her privacy, something that Hailey values even as a model and wife of Justin Bieber.

"I got to have a normal childhood and teenage years. I didn't start getting recognition on my own until I was around 19. There are some 'normal' things I never did -- like go to college -- but I do think I was able to learn how to have a schedule, be on time, and be responsible, all because I started working at 17," she said.