Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Marriage ‘Doomed,’ Say Royal Watchers

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Royal watchers have already dropped the hammer on the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just four months shy of the couple’s first anniversary and the birth of their first child together.

OK! Magazine reported that according to entertainment reporter AJ Benza, who hosts the podcast “Fame Is A B**ch,” Prince Harry and Markle’s relationship won’t last long.

Benza then made this stunning remark about the first American to become British royalty in a modern monarchy.

“I don’t think many Americans care [about Meghan Markle],” Benza told OK! Magazine.

“But I’d be lying if I said nobody would be happy if their union ended in divorce or some type of scandal,” he added.

According to OK!, Benza remarked that Americans love to build up a person and allow them to reach a high pinnacle of success and then, watch them fall.

“We all point and laugh when they teeter off that ledge,” concluded Benza.

Benza is not the only person to make this startling claim.

Back in October, Princess Diana’s friend and psychic Simone Simmons also claimed Prince Harry and Markle’s relationship would not last.

Simmons, who Diana used to consult before her untimely death, made the claims to the Daily Star.

Simmons alleged, “I give their marriage two-and-a-half to three years. I don’t want to see him badly hurt, and Harry won’t know what’s hit him when it does happen. He is head over heels in love. Harry is like the embodiment of Diana, he is so sensitive.”

“Look at Meghan’s family and the people who really know her? Look at what they’ve said. Even people with dysfunctional families are not as dissociated as hers. Look at her last two relationships. They didn’t last much longer than two years. This will probably be no different.”

The author also predicted to the Daily Star that Princess Eugenie will fare better in her marriage to Jack Brooksbank. The couple tied the knot in October of 2018.

Markle and Prince Harry have been under intense scrutiny since their whirlwind courtship and marriage began.

People Magazine reported that the couple met in July 2016 after being introduced by a mutual friend. In October, she was seen on her now-closed personal Instagram sharing a selfie wearing a bracelet reportedly given to her by Harry.

In October, rumors were rampant that Markle was dating Harry and in November the couple were officially engaged.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child in the spring.