Democrats To Ashley Judd: Please Don’t Run For Senate


Ashely Judd for US Senate?

The national media may think it’s a swell idea, but Democrats in Kentucky are less than excited about actress Ashley Judd, a very liberal Obama supporter, becoming their standard bearer in trying to unseat incumbent US Senator Mitch McConnell. The reason for their lack of enthusiasm for a Judd candidacy is that they are worried about their own political survival in a state that Mitt Romney won in a landslide.

Judd hasn’t made a decision on becoming a candidate yet.

She has McConnell beat in the charisma department hands down, but that apparently is about it, especially given that old chestnut about all politics is local (which may or may not be still valid in the age of social media).

McConnell, the longest serving US Senator in Kentucky history (first elected in 1984), has been the Minority Leader for the Republicans since 2007. He will be up for re-election in 2014.

According to Roll Call, Judd’s possible candidacy could spell doom for many Democrats running for other elected offices in the bluegrass state:

” ‘If she runs, I think that it would be a catastrophe for a lot of downballot races in Kentucky,’ said Jimmy Cauley, a longtime Kentucky Democratic strategist who doesn’t believe Judd can win a general election. Among Democratic state legislators, he said, ‘there is significant worry about Ashley being on the ballot.’

” … The crux of their worry is this: As a celebrity and strong supporter of President Barack Obama, Judd’s position at the top of the ticket could nationalize state and local races. They see her losing the Senate contest — an uphill climb for any Democrat — and potentially poisoning the conservative brand of some state Democrats.

” For years, the Kentucky Democratic Party has racked up significant successes at the state and local level, from the governor’s mansion down the ballot. But in federal elections, Republicans have won victory after victory. In November, Obama lost the state, winning less than 38 percent of the vote.”

Karl Rove’s American Crossroads SuperPAC is already running ads against her.

Do you believe that Ashely Judd will decide to run against McConnell? Do you think she has credentials for seeking federal office?