Police Hilariously Mourn the Tragic Loss Of Doughnuts In Krispy Kreme Truck Fire, Twitter Responds

Rachel Tsoumbakos

Images of Kentucky police officers "mourning" the massive loss of Krispy Kreme doughnuts which were incinerated in a fiery blaze is now entertaining people on social media.

According to the New York Post, the driver of a truck transporting Kristy Kreme Doughnuts noticed smoke emanating from his vehicle on New Year's Eve. Safely pulling over, the driver called 911. While the driver was able to escape the truck, the doughnuts, unfortunately, were engulfed in flames along with the vehicle.

However, police who arrived on the scene near Man o' War Boulevard and Pink Pigeon Parkway captured the moment, according to WKYT. Images of mourning officers were then published by the Lexington Police Department. Showing two officers apparently in tears and another frowning at the burnt-out truck, they were captioned with "No words" and posted to the Lexington Police Department's official Twitter account.

Thanks to the stereotype of doughnut-loving police, people immediately started responding to the post.

A police officer from North Carolina joined in with the banter and offered his condolences on the matter.

"In this line of work, some things can't be unseen. My thoughts are with @lexkypolice officers at this time of tragedy."

"A truly awful day -- our thoughts are with all of our brothers and sisters in the US at this terrible time," police from Leicestershire in the U.K. said via Twitter.

It wasn't just members of the police force that voiced their opinion on the Krispy Kreme tragedy.

"That should be considered a hate crime," said one Twitter user.

"I can't believe they showed pictures of the truck at the scene," another Twitter user wrote.

"Come on guys there's still donuts burning in there have some respect and decency for the Donut Family who has to watch this.... My heart goes out for the families and officers who has to handle this horrific event."

Of course, there were plenty of puns to be had about the tragedy as well.

"We feel your loss," the University of Kentucky Police Department wrote in their tweet. "We donut know what else to say."

"The van was aglaze!" said Dan in response to the Lexington Police's original post.

Currently, investigations are still underway into the Krispy Kreme truck as authorities try to identify the cause of the fire. The truck is expected to be considered a total loss and lane closures were encountered by commuters during the fire.