Donald Trump’s Happy New Year Video Guilt Trips US Partygoers

Zach Gibson-PooGetty Images

All of the United States (and the world, really) is out partying to send off 2018 and ring in 2019. Everybody except for President Donald Trump that is (and police, first responders, wait staff, cooks, and so many others). Earlier, Trump sent out a video on Twitter wishing citizens a happy new year while also laying on a guilt trip worthy of a neglected mother.

In the short 11-second clip, the president said he will be at the White House working while America parties to bring in the new year, according to a Huffington Post report. He said, “I don’t blame you.” Then, he went on to proclaim “Enjoy yourselves. We’re going to have a great year. Have a really, really happy new year.”

Of course, he failed to mention that the government is partially shut down and many people who work for the U.S. government face the prospect of not receiving their next paycheck, which in turn leads to all kinds of problems including late payments, missed payments, fees, and so much more.

Politico reported that Nancy Pelosi, who’s soon to be the Speaker of the House, has a plan to end the government shutdown. While it includes funding for border security, there is not one dime for the wall that Trump continues to push. The president has said he will not sign any bill that fails to include funding for a physical barrier between the U.S. and Mexico.

Later, Trump retweeted an extended and edited version of the video that the White House tweeted out. In the second video, the president predicted a great but complicated year for 2019. In fact, according to the POTUS, “people” will make the coming year overly complicated.

Then, he went on to boast that there’s never been a U.S. presidential administration that accomplished more in the first two years than the Trump administration. After that, the president enumerated his various trade renegotiations, moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, North Korea relations, and many more. Plus, he said that wages are rising for the first time in many years and Americans can work only one job instead of two or three.

Finally, he pushed the wall. Trump praised the U.S. border agents and ICE agents for doing a good job, but then said, “you can never do it perfectly unless you have a wall.” He pledged to win the battle about the wall and everything else he’s pushing for, which of course, means some citizens will also lose, which is odd phrasing since he is supposed to be the president of everybody in the country.