Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Presidential Campaign Is Now Official

Alex WongGetty Images

The Democrats officially have a contender running for president, though it probably won’t be their last.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), in an email she sent Monday morning to supporters, announced the formation of an exploratory committee to run for president. The forming of such a committee allows her to start raising money for a presidential run and to hire personnel who will assist her in her quest for higher office, according to reporting from the New York Times.

Within her email, Warren also attached a video message detailing her reasoning for running in 2020.

“I’ve spent my career getting to the bottom of why America’s promise works for some families, but others, who work just as hard, slip through the cracks into disaster. And what I’ve found is terrifying: these aren’t cracks families are falling into, they’re traps. America’s middle class is under attack.”

Warren added that she was hopeful her campaign could help correct wrongs in our society. “We can make our democracy work for all of us. We can make our economy work for all of us,” she wrote.

Her decision Monday is the first one announced by any potential Democratic contender considering to run against sitting Republican President Donald Trump. It likely won’t be the last, as several other Democrats have hinted that they might make a run as well.

There’s plenty of time to decide as well: the Iowa caucuses, the first nominating contest in the nation, is still 399 days away.

Plenty of other Democrats have made statements indicating they’re at least considering a run for president. Former Vice President Joe Biden seems very likely to run and has taken several jabs at Trump during the course of his time in office. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent who ran as a Democrat in 2016, has also made comments indicating he could run again, according to reporting from AM New York.

Sens. Cory Booker (D-New Jersey), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York), and Kamala Harris (D-California) have also indicated they are thinking about running against Trump in 2020. Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro, who served in the administration of former President Barack Obama, has also made trips to Iowa and said he might run, per previous reporting from the Inquisitr.

No matter who decides to run against Trump, you can expect whoever wins the Democratic nomination to do so to enter a bitter campaign season against the sitting president, if he decides to run again. Trump has, for example, frequently engaged in name-calling with several of the contenders listed above, including Warren herself.

Trump often refers to Warren as “Pocahontas,” taking aim at her claims to Native American heritage, according to reporting from the Boston Globe. In October of this year, Warren took a DNA test confirming she did have an ancestor who was Native American.