The Internet Pokes Fun At First Lady Melania Trump’s Recent Fashion Choices

Yurl GripasGetty Images

It’s no surprise that due to their constant presence in the spotlight, first ladies can typically expect a certain degree of media criticism. Some former first ladies have been rebuked for spending too much time in the public eye or drawing the attention away from their presidential husbands. Meanwhile, others have been condemned for not doing more while in their famous position. Current first lady Melania Trump has become especially prone to media criticism in recent months. Surprisingly, the remarks are often directed less towards her official first lady duties than they are to her fashion choices. Melania’s outfits have been the source of many jokes in the media of late. Meanwhile, former first lady Michelle Obama is being praised more than ever, according to Fox News.

Earlier this month, Michelle stunned fans across the nation in one of her most impressive outfits yet. Although the former first lady had not been known to be overly flashy while her husband was in office, she’s been stepping up her fashion game exponentially in recent years. Mrs. Obama stepped out to promote her new book, Becoming, decked out in sparkling thigh high boots and a yellow gown. The glittery boots were a creation of the luxury designer Balenciaga and reported to cost a whopping $4,000 dollars. The media pretty much lost it over the ensemble, deeming Michelle a fashion icon.

“It wasn’t just an eye-catching ensemble. It was fashion. Fashion. Faaaashion!”, The Washington Post wrote. This was a line that was repeated frequently in the weeks following. Liberal writers used this as an opportunity to smother Michelle in praise while still finding time to knock the current first lady.

Most recently, social media users condemned Melania for sporting Timberland boots on a visit to the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq. While on the trip, she and President Trump spent time at an active war zone and a military base. Some said that the first lady’s shoe choice was likely a way of playing it safe after having so much media criticism focus around her outfits.

Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell criticized liberal media for their constant comparison of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. He pointed out that in the eyes of many liberal writers, the Obamas can do no wrong.

“One would think feminist women in the media could come up with better articles to write than catty Twitter roundups of liberals sneering about Melania Trump’s boots — especially when it has nothing to do with boots,” he wrote.