Melania Trump Tweets That She Is The Only First Lady To Visit A War Zone In Last 10 Years

Pete MarovitchGetty Images

Forty-eight-year-old First Lady Melania Trump took to Twitter to claim that she is the only first lady to visit a war zone in ten years. However, Twitter users were quick to dig up evidence to refute her claims. Some called her announcement on her verified Twitter page fake news, citing a visit by former First Lady Michelle Obama in Qatar that took place only three years ago. Responses to the claim varied, with some Trump supporters praising the first lady, according to Sunday Express.

It was just last week that the first lady accompanied President Trump on a trip to Iraq. It was this visit that stirred up conversation in regards to past presidential visits to war zones. While in Iraq, the couple attended a military base and spent time in a war zone. Despite the somber event, Melania still dressed up for the occasion. She was photographed in an expensive ensemble, which included a Victoria Beckham jacket and pants to match.

It was earlier today that the controversial tweet was posted by the first lady’s account.

“Melania Trump’s trip to Iraq marked first war zone visit by a first lady in over a decade,” the tweet claimed. Within minutes, Twitter users were quick to question the validity behind the claims.

“Um, no. First thing I googled was dated 2015, when Mrs. Obama met with troops in Quatar. That’s 3 years ago, Einstein,” one user wrote in disdain.

Although 54-year-old former first lady Michelle Obama did, in fact, meet with troops at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar in November of 2015, many would not technically deem it a war zone visit. Michelle and former president Barack Obama were actually over 600 miles away from the source of conflict at the time. This provides some insight into the reasoning behind Melania Trump’s claim, although many will be slow to believe it.

Many people responded to the tweet to discuss how the announcement is rather misleading without further context. After all, besides Melania, there has been only one other first lady in the past decade. Keeping this in mind, some believe the tweet was intended less to praise the current first lady than it was to criticize Michelle Obama.

“Ok but let’s point out there was only one other First Lady in a decade. #statisticalnonsense,” one Twitter user wrote.

Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton, Pat Nixon, Laura Bush, and Barbara Bush are all former first ladies who did make official visits to war zones in the past.