Melania Trump Reportedly Plans To ‘Make The Most Of A Bad Situation’ At NYE Party Without POTUS, Per ‘HL’

Ricardo CeppiGetty Images

Melania Trump is expected to host a high-end shindig on New Year’s Eve at the place that has been called the Southern White House, Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida. Hollywood Life reports that the first lady will play hostess at the resort without her presidential husband. Donald Trump has opted to stay in Washington, D.C., amidst the ongoing government shutdown. Due to the shutdown, the Secret Service agents who will be guarding Melania and Barron Trump will not be paid.

According to Hollywood Life, the first lady is confident that she’ll be able to host the event on her own, despite the dark clouds that currently hang over her husband’s administration.

“It’s far from an ideal scenario but Melania intends to try and make the most of a bad situation and enjoy the New Year’s Eve ball without Donald,” a source reportedly told Hollywood Life. “It’s pretty stressful hosting such a huge event on her own, but Melania is extremely gracious and experienced when it comes to social engagements so she will be able to handle it just fine on her own.”

The Press Herald reports that non club members must pay $1,000 to attend the party. This is a $250 increase from the price they charged last year. But if you are a Mar-A-Lago member, you’ll still have to pay for the event, but that price is a lot lower at $650. Members had to pay $600 last year though, so prices for them have increased as well.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, President Trump had previously planned to spend 16 days at Mar-A-Lago over the Christmas and New Year’s break. But those plans were made before Congress failed to pass a spending bill that included a billion dollar appropriation for a border wall between the United States and Mexico. This was one of Donald Trump’s main campaign promises and his demands for its inclusion in the spending bill precipitated the shutdown, which is now in its second week.

While Mrs Trump does not typically comment on her husband’s specific decisions or policies, she has reportedly expressed disappointment that the family was not able to spend Christmas in Florida this year. Barron and Melania Trump were already in Florida when their Christmas plans were changed and they had to fly back to D.C.

“Melania is not at all happy about the last minute change of plans,” an insider told Hollywood Life.“She was really looking forward to spending Christmas in the sun and had already arranged so much at Mar-a-Largo that now has to be scrapped.”