Courtney Love Settles ‘Bling King’ Lawsuit

Courtney Love has reportedly settled a lawsuit with a self-proclaimed New York “bling king.”

The former Hole frontwoman borrowed some baubles from Jacob & Co. to wear to a charity event in 2010. According to Fashion & Style, Love intended to return the jewelry after her appearance at the “The New Yorkers for Children Benefit.”

Love said she placed the borrowed items in a bag and gave it to the staff at the Mercer Hotel. Although she assured Jacob & Co. that everything had been delivered, the bling never arrived. Since Love was ultimately responsible for the things she borrowed, the jeweler asked Kurt Cobain’s widow to pay up.

The New York Post explains that Jacob & Co. wanted $113,000 plus interest for the missing items. However, a judge agreed with Love that this number was extremely inflated. As a result, the singer and the jeweler have decided to settle matters out-of-court.

Courtney Love’s publicist Steven Honig said:

“The case settled confidentially and we can’t comment on it.”


Founded by “bling king” Jacob “The Jeweler” Arabo, Jacbo & Co. reportedly let Love borrow a diamond chain ($34,300), a white-gold bracelet ($70,000), and a diamond earings ($45,300). The singer’s lawyer said he wasn’t sure what happened to the jewelry. However, he said his client doesn’t have the items in question.

Courtney Love isn’t the first celebrity to borrow very expensive jewelry from Arabo’s company. Some of Jacob & Co.’s previous customers include Madonna, Kelly Osbourne, and Sandra Bullock.

Although this chapter of her life is now closed, Love’s legal woes are far from over. SWRNN explains that a law firm is currently seeking $436,000 from the singer for unpaid bills. Fink & Associates claims it has not been compensated for the work it performed for Love between January and October of 2009.

Are you a fan of Courtney Love? What do you think about her recent settlement with a New York “bling king?”