Rob Gronkowski Wears ‘Sorry For Partying’ Shirt

Rob Gronkowski Out Of Playoffs

Rob Gronkowski is sorry … maybe.

The New England Partiots tight end received some criticism earlier this month when he was filmed partying shirtless in Las Vegas. Gronk, who has his arm in a cast after breaking it in two places during the season, probably shouldn’t have been wrestling with his fans in Las Vegas.

But Gronkowski isn’t one to apologize for partying. Well, at least not verbally.

Gronkowski was spotted wearing a “Sorry For Partying” shirt when he was at Universal Studios.

Is this Gronk’s way of apologizing to his fans? Is the Patriots’ tight end done with his wild ways?

No, probably not.

If Gronkowski had posted the photo to his own Twitter account then maybe, maybe it would be considered an apology. But the photo was posted by Tarah Maciel, a Patriots fan who just happened to bump into Gronkowski in Orlando.

That means that one of two things are true. Either Gronkowski is on a mission to meet and greet every Patriots fan in person in order to apologize for his reckless ways, OR, he was wearing the shirt in an ironic, “no one tells Gronk to stop partying,” sort of way.

I’m betting that after Gronkwoski took the photo he did a beer bong, took his shirt off and gave his Patriot’s fan a DDT.