FBI Investigating Trump Golf Club For Allegedly Creating Fake Documents For Illegal Immigrant Workers

Drew AngererGetty Images

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office are investigating allegations that the Trump National Golf Club provided undocumented immigrant employees with fake social security cards and green cards.

Anibal Romero, an attorney representing five undocumented workers from the gold club, confirmed the investigations. He has turned over fraudulent green cards and social security cards — from five of the workers that he represents — to both the Attorney General and the FBI, according to Quartz.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation of President Trump’s possible collusion with Russian interests, has also been involved in the investigation, according to the New York Daily News. Romero reached out to Mueller’s office because he wanted to reach out to federal authorities but was afraid of engaging the Justice Department under Jeff Sessions. Mueller informed Romero that the investigation was outside of his jurisdiction, but referred the matter to the FBI.

After the FBI reached out to Romero, he met with two agents in New Jersey and outlined the evidence that he had provided to the Attorney General. The agents said that they would coordinate their efforts with the Attorney General. Romero said he has stayed in touch with both the FBI and the Attorney General but declined to confirm whether either had formally opened an investigation into the matter.

Neither the Attorney General’s office, the FBI, or Mueller’s office would comment on the matter. The White House also declined comment.

Earlier this month, The New York Times reported that five undocumented workers at the Trump National Golf Club alleged that they were provided with fraudulent government documents by supervisors at the club before being subjected to abuse and racial harassment, while also having personal interactions with President Trump.

Despite turning over evidence to federal and state authorities, the workers may be subject to imprisonment, fines, and deportation for knowingly using fake documents to commit immigration fraud. Two of the undocumented workers, Victoria Morales and Sandra Diaz, said they understand the legal ramifications of their position but want to expose the hypocrisy of President Trump, who allegedly employed undocumented immigrants at his club while vilifying them publicly.

Anyone else involved in the process of providing the workers with fake documents will be subject to the same consequences of imprisonment and fines should they be found guilty.

“Immigration crimes are hard to prosecute so the government may see something like this as a possible deterrent case,” said former assistant U.S. attorney Harry Sandick. “To show that even someone who works at the President’s golf club is under the microscope is very impressive and tells you that anyone can be charged.”

Romero does not believe that his clients, who are among a dozen others that were employed at the club, should face criminal consequences.

“My clients are willing to cooperate with federal authorities and with state authorities so they can provide details,” Romero said, according to CBS.

“They are the victims here,” Romero stated. “Any attempt at charging them would ignore the real problem.”