Teen Sues Parents Over Abortion

A pregnant Texas teen is suing her parents in order to stop them from forcing her to have an abortion.

According to the NY Daily News, the 16-year-old girl filed her lawsuit this week at a court in Houston. The girl, who was not identified because she’s a minor, says that her family is trying to force her to have an abortion. The girl claims that she’s been physically assaulted and that her mother was trying to “slip her an abortion pill” without her knowledge.

The lawsuit reads:

“[Her father] stated he was going to take her to have an abortion and that the decision was his, end of story … (her mother) invited the paternal grandparents to a bar for further discussion, where she suggested that she might slip her an abortion pill through deception.”

The girl is working with Lawyers for the Texas Center for Defense of Life to defend her right to have the baby. Her lawyers argue that despite being a minor, the girl has the right to make her own reproductive choices.


The girl’s parents, however, believe that the girl is making the wrong decision. The mother said that her daughter should get an abortion because “the two minor parents had no idea what it would do to their lives.”

The teen is suing her parents to prevent them from forcing her to have an abortion. The girl also wants the court to grant her a restraining order until the end of the pregnancy.

What do you think? Is this “her body her choice” or “my house my rules?”