Bruno Mars Takes Fan To Prom On Ellen DeGeneres Show

Bruno Mars took a fan to the prom …. sort of.

The crooner made a Valentine’s Day wish of one his biggest fans come true when he accepted her invitation to the prom. The only problem was that Bruno Mars couldn’t take the fan to her own prom, so he made one for her.

The girl, Emily, happened to be in the audience of the Ellen DeGeneres show the same day Bruno Mars was appearing, Idolator noted. Bruno told Emily that he couldn’t make it to her prom, so he gave her four front-row tickets to his show as well as a Gucci dress for the dance.

To make the occasion even more memorable, Bruno Mars gave the girl a prom right there on Ellen’s show. He took her hand and told her, “I would love to have a dance with you,” and the two swayed to the Luther Vandross song “Always and Forever.”

Asking celebrities to big dances seems to have yielded good results in the past year or so. A brave Marine sergeant named Scott Moore made a video asking Mila Kunis to accompany him to the November Marine Corps ball. Kunis accepted, though she eventually had a conflict.

But in the meantime, her Friends with Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake got his own proposal from Marine Kelsey De Santis. Not only did Timberlake go to the ball with her, but they ended up going on a second date the next year when Timberlake invited her to the Guys Choice Awards.

Now that Bruno Mars took a fan to prom, maybe courageous fans will have to up the ante with their celebrity crushes. Marriage proposals, perhaps?