Donald Trump Is Criticized On-Air By Fox News For Making Troop Visit ‘A Campaign Rally’

Pete MarovichGetty Images

If Donald Trump tunes into Fox News to feel a sense of support in his recent decisions to proclaim victory over ISIS and speak to the troops in Iraq of his achievements instead of theirs, he might have to find a new network to watch. On the Fox show Outnumbered, more than one host had issues today with the way Trump comported himself when spending time with the servicemen and women overseas.

The Daily Beast says that while the president still has supporters, most of the hosts on Outnumbered could not support some of the things he said when speaking to the troops in Iraq and Germany. Contributor Julie Banderas particularly had a problem with Trump telling the troops that, “We’re no longer the suckers, folks.”

“I would never consider us, as a country, as the United States, ‘suckers.’ We have always led the fight in every major war. Military men and women, I believe, deserve way more respect than that.”

Banderas asked the panel what military families who have lost loved ones previously must be thinking when they heard this.

“Oh, so my son or daughter was a ‘sucker’ when they were fighting for our freedom?”

Jessica Tarlov agreed with her colleague, saying that she is happy that Trump made the trip to visit the troops, but it was wrong of him to make it a campaign rally, talking about his achievements rather than telling them how proud Americans are of all of their efforts and service to the country.

“He could have gone there and said ‘thank you for your service’ and all the things he’s supposed to say.”

Most of the contributors to Outnumbered seemed to agree that there should have been less talk about Democrats and the southern border and more talk about what has been achieved in Iraq.

Banderas added that it obviously concerns the troops that countries like Russia and Turkey are the only ones cheering on Trump’s decision to withdraw from the region.

“The fact that Russia and Turkey, first of all, are supporting the United States and praising us for making a decision, there lies a huge problem.”

The Hill says that the conversation then turned to the border wall with Mexico and the Outnumbered contributors gave their predictions about the outcome in reference to the current government shutdown.

Banderas doesn’t believe that Trump will ever get his wall.

“I’m going to make a 2020 prediction. The wall is never going up. Mark my words.”