Do Reality Show Stars Make Bad Parents?

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Reality star parents are often a frequent topic of discussion among folks who just don’t care for the supposedly non-scripted show offerings now on virtually every channel. The impact reality show cast members’ actions have on their children often gets the “celebrities” bashed on social networks.

One of the most infamous reality show couples, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, noted they do not want to have children while still in the limelight. The couple, dubbed, Speidi, told the Daily Mail that they might need to change their names before starting a family. The reality show couple also noted they would not want their bundles of joy appearing on a reality television show.

The constant one-upping to garner screen time among reality show stars who already have children also causes some concerns. When such celebrities go through a divorce or have a semi-famous significant other, the gloves tend to come off.

The Brandi Glanville saga is a prime example of the on-screen drama spilling over into real life. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was married to actor Eddie Cibrian. The now-divorced couple have two sons together. Cibrian is now happily married to singer LeAnn Rimes.

The nastiness which had unfolded on both Twitter and in Glanville’s tell-all book could have a significant impact on the two boys. Even if the Cibrian children are not supposed to get on the internet to read what mommy says about daddy, that doesn’t mean they don’t sneak or aren’t teased about it.

Brandi Glanville’s comments about her vaginal rejuvenation surgery and her perfect “p***y” age would surely be embarrassing for the two boys to hear. The reality show star’s comments about Eddie Cibrian’s alleged impotence could also be very uncomfortable for the two boys to learn about from their pals on the schoolyard.

Darrell Brown, a songwriter friend of LeAnn Rimes had this to say about the Glanville drama, according to excerpts republished by Radar Online:

“The stuff Brandi has pulled and that Eddie and Le have protected her on for the sake of kids. Woof. Huge huge things.”

In a recent tweet, Glanville noted that she would one day be telling her boys the “truth” but for now she is protecting them with her “whole heart.” It is difficult to understand how publishing all of the family’s alleged dirty laundry is a form of protection. Brandi also tweeted a question to her fans asking:

“What’s worse, doing these things to the mother of ur children or me writing about it?? I guess its ok for him just not for me.”

Glanville is obviously still hurt, or perhaps even bitter, about the divorce. But, a parent should always put their child’s welfare above their own. Lashing out at a former spouse in a public arena the children can easily access, just does not feel all that maternal to me.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore set the divorce pattern all celebrity parents should follow. Although not every moment of their split may have been sweetness and light, neither party ever bashed the other in public. Willis and Moore continued to co-parent in a seemingly amicable manner. Although some Willis fans might have wanted to hear Demi dish about their time spent in the sack, she remained mum on the subject.

Do you think reality show stars should put their children before their fleeting fame?

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