Michigan Woman Goes To Hospital To Get Hernia Checked, Comes Home With A Baby

A middle-aged Michigan woman went to the hospital thinking she had a hernia problem, and came home with a 10-pound baby girl. Linda Ackley had no idea that she was pregnant when she was admitted at the Allegiance Health hospital in Jackson on Friday.

Ackley did not think she would ever be able to have a baby because she had been infected with necrotizing fasciitis. The Michigan woman had also undergone abdominal surgery two years ago, MLive reports. The necrotizing fasciitis bacterial infection is the same illness suffered by the Georgia college student who lost her limbs to disease last year, The Blaze notes.

Linda Ackley was not expected to live after she contracted the bacterial infection. When discussing the nine months which led her to the hospital, Ackley stated she didn’t notice much weight gain and was not in pain. The Michigan woman also stated that her menstrual cycle was often irregular, so the missed periods did not raise any red flags either.

Michigan doctors discovered the baby during a CT scan. They physicians initially thought Linda Ackley would have a few weeks before she went into labor. When an ultrasound indicated that the baby was full-term, the doctors ordered an emergency C-section.

The proud poppa, Mike Ackley, stated that he was shocked, scared, and then very happy. The new daddy had this to say about the unexpected bundle of joy:

“Some people have nine months to prepare. I had 15 hours. I was happy and shocked at the same time. I wish someone had taken a picture of my face.”

Kimberly Kay Ackley arrived perfectly healthy and left the hospital with her surprised parents to meet all of her equally shocked relatives and family friends.