Kobe Bryant Scores 4 Points, Lakers Still Pull Off A Win

Kobe Bryant scored just four points on Tuesday night in one of the worst performances in his career. Despite Kobe’s lack of scoring, the Los Angeles Lakers still managed to pull off a win against the Phoenix Suns.

Bryant committed eight turnovers and made just one shot as he stunned Lakers fans with an abysmal performance.

The Lakers were held up by Dwight Howard, who knocked down 19 points and 18 rebounds. Antwarn Jamison also added 19 points to help the Lakers gain an advantage and the 91-85 win over the Suns.

Kobe Bryant managed his four point appearance while playing in 36 minute of game time, his highest on court time all season. It was the first time in Bryant’s 17-season career that he scored so few points in so much time of play.

Bryant didn’t attempt a single shot in the first half of play and scored his first basket with just 2:13 left in regulation time. Kobe was just 1-for-8. Kobe’s last lower-scoring game occurred on January 13, 2005 when he left a game against Cleveland after six minutes.

After Tuesday’s game, Kobe seemed in good spirits, even joking with members of the press. According to Bryant:

“I thought it was great, actually. Obviously, scoring four points, going 1-for-8, that’s not necessarily a recipe for success. … But it’s not about us as individuals. It’s about what we can do to help the team.”

While Bryant managed nine assists, he turned over the ball eight times.

Joking about Kobe Bryant’s horrible play, head coach Mike D’Antoni joked:

“I guess every 17 years, he’s allowed that. I wouldn’t be too tough on him. It was just one of those nights. He was trying too hard to get everybody else involved. You’ve got to walk the fine line, and he’s way over the other line. … Just write it off and get to the next one.”

Are you surprised by Kobe Bryant’s four point game?

[Image via Domenic Gareri / Shutterstock.com]