Mila Kunis Tears Up Over Ashton Kutcher On ‘Ellen’

ashton kutcher

While Mila Kunis hasn’t been receiving the nicest press recently over her reluctance to discuss her love life, Kunis did a complete 180 for her televised appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday. The Oz star visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which will be airing later today, to discuss her upcoming role in Oz: The Great And Powerful.

When pressed about Ashton Kutcher, Kunis got a bit verklempt over the subject matter. In fact, Mila got so overwhelmed from the teasing line of questioning by Ellen, that the actress teared up over her rumored beau of a year. During the interview DeGeneres had said: “So Valentine’s Day is coming up. It’s tomorrow I believe and is that a big day for you?” In response, Kunis played by coy by saying, “Yes and no. I’ve never really put much emphasis on it. I’ve been single through Valentine’s Day. I’ve been in a relationship. Either way I’m fine with it.”

However, the tears for Kunis really started when Ellen asked whether or not she speaks with her That 70s Show’s cast mates, and whether or not she speaks to “anyone” more than the others, more than hinting about her relationship with Ashton Kutcher. As Ellen pressed on Kunis erupted into a tearful giggle fit, “How is he doing, I wonder? Do you talk to him at all? When’s the last time you talked to him? I’m just asking it’s a showbiz question,” said Ellen.

Kunis tearfully replied: “It’s been, give or take a couple of minutes.” This comes after her interview with Allure, who described an awkward encounter as: “When shown a picture of her 35-year-old beau and another of pal Natalie Portman to comment on during the interview, the ‘Black Swan’ star was apparently none too pleased. And, according to the writer, reacted with a ‘500’ on an anger scale of one to 10.”

Check Mila Kunis’ tearful reaction out.