Trump On His Way To Becoming ‘Worst President Of Modern Times,’ Says MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough

Like many presidents, Donald Trump can be viewed as controversial by millions of people in the world. According to Newsweek, however, MSNBC show host Joe Scarborough recently painted the president in a decidedly negative light.

During a segment of his show Morning Joe on Wednesday, December 26, Scarborough — who co-hosts the program with Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist — didn’t hold back on President Trump during his opening monologue. The monologue spanned the first ten minutes of the program.

“I don’t judge the president by my standards, you don’t have to judge him by your standards,” Scarborough said. “This morning, just judge him by his own standards. Donald Trump is failing by the very benchmark that he laid out in his own campaign, his campaign promises.”

The morning show host asked his viewers to reflect on the last year under the Trump administration, and cited a number of things that have happened throughout 2018 — from migrant children being held in detention centers to the government shutdown. Scarborough also elaborated on the figures who had departed the Trump White House.

Scarborough continued his speech, also taking on members of the Republican party that he previously affiliated with — slamming some party members for not stepping up into a leadership role when the president couldn’t do so. The television host claimed this was part of the reason that he chose to leave the Republican party, which a party which Scarborough claims is full of elected officials that have “bowed and scraped” to the president.

Joe berated these GOP members for treating the president “like an emperor wearing the finest clothes ever made” despite his skills “objectively declining” every day when, in his eyes, “Donald Trump is on track to be the worst president in modern times, and perhaps ever, pushing even James Buchanan off of that dubious perch.” He continued, noting that he had yet to even touch on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which he claimed would largely hold headlines in sway over the coming year.

Scarborough concluded his opening segment by reminding viewers that despite the fact that some believe the past week was the Trump presidency’s “worst to date” — and that the current environment may be the “most challenging moment” since he took office two years ago — there are leaders across the world that have the ability to come together to work around what Donald Trump has already laid out.

“Because the days of waiting for this president to change how he operates and the days of hoping that he can somehow achieve more and do better, those days are behind us,” he said. “2019 is going to be different.”