'Dragon Ball Heroes' Episode 6 Features Ultra Instinct, Prison Planet's Destruction, And Zamasu's Return

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, started with the epic battle between Son Goku: Xeno, Vegeta: Xeno, and Super Fu. Despite being outnumbered, Super Fu was able to give the two elite members of the Time Patrol a tough fight.

As the battle gets intense, the shadow of Evil Cumber appeared behind Super Fu. Evil Cumber expressed his strong desire to have his revenge. He unleashed an incredible amount of dark aura and Ki blasts that also hit Super Fu. After achieving his main objective in the Prison Planet, Super Fu decided to leave.

Evil Cumber created a dark energy ball in a short span of time and threw it to the enemies. Son Goku: Xeno, Vegeta: Xeno, and Vegeta joined forces to push away the dark energy ball. Vegeta was annoyed that Son Goku was still sleeping. However, after sensing that his friends were in great danger, Son Goku regained consciousness. Son Goku didn't only wake up, but he also managed to use Ultra Instinct.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6 featured Ultra Instinct going into operation once again. Son Goku: Xeno, Vegeta: Xeno, and Trunks were all amazed at Son Goku's power. Using Ultra Instinct, Son Goku easily destroyed the dark energy ball and continued his fight against Evil Cumber. Evil Cumber was noticeably having a hard time hitting Son Goku. While Son Goku and Evil Cumber were busy fighting, Son Goku: Xeno used Instant Transmission to bring Vegeta: Xeno, Vegeta, Trunks, and Mai to a safe place.

With the Prison Planet on the verge of destruction, Son Goku wanted to finish Evil Cumber as soon as possible. He launched a powerful Kamehameha and succeeded to defeat Evil Cumber. After using lots of energy, Son Goku returned to his base form.

In the final scenes of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6, five mysterious characters appeared and retrieved Evil Cumber's body. Son Goku immediately recognized Zamasu, one of the main antagonists of Dragon Ball Super. Zamasu is a former Supreme Kai apprentice who stole Son Goku's body in order to execute the "Zero Mortal Plan." Zamasu was already erased by the future Zeno-sama in Dragon Ball Super.

However, it seems like he was only sent to other dimensions like other gods and mortals who angered Zeno-sama. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6 hinted that Super Fu's main objective is to bring back Zamasu and other evil characters. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 could reveal the identities of the new villains and what they plan to do now that they are freed.