15 Of The Most Creative Christmas Trees Ever Made

By now, everyone who celebrates Christmas has a tree or two (or perhaps one in every room) up, decked out in colorful baubles and twinkling lights for the festive season. Most people opt for either a real fir tree or a plastic version that bears a striking resemblance to the popular evergreen. In recent years, companies have even sprung up all around the globe that allow people to rent a tree for the festive season before returning it in early January.

Some people, however, have come up with far more creative and wonderful ideas to adorn their homes over Christmas, and the results can be truly stunning, as Powerful Mind noted. From trees made out of nothing resembling green foliage, to those made up of just the decorations that usually adorn the traditional Christmas tree, the power of imagination has proved endless with some of these divine takes on the usual holiday decor.

There is a Christmas tree for every season — whether you enjoy a snowy white Christmas or a hot and sunny one — and for every unique individual, and the more imaginative ones have made their own creations to match. Here are just a few of the beautiful creations some people have come up with.

One for the minimalist

Don’t have the time or the patience to decorate a full tree? Or simply don’t have the funds to buy one? This is a simple take on a Christmas tree that can prove to be just as pretty (and far less cleanup) than an actual tree.

A string of tinsel, a tree-topper, and a few baubles of your choice is all it takes!

You can also go even simpler and use a piece of colored string or ribbon to make this creation if you’re really in a bind.

There are also other minimalist options, ones that are almost as two-dimensional, but with an added bit of flair in between (literally).

This metal frame provides the perfectly sized spaces in which to place your favorite baubles, or stars, angels, or any other decorations you might fancy.

Snowflakes, mushrooms, and acorns work just as well with this design!

One for the medical practitioners

Hospitals and dentists offices are not places anyone wants to find themselves on or around Christmas, but from time to time it can’t be helped. Doctors and nurses do their best to create festive cheer for their patients when they have the misfortune of having to make a visit, and while many have started bringing decorated trees into wards and lobbies, some have much more doctor-y ways of getting in the Christmas spirit.

Make sure to swipe to see the dentist’s creative take on a tree!

One for the book lovers

Books make great presents for book worms from the young to the old, but have you ever considered creating your tree out of them? Clearly some people have, and the designs are uniquely spectacular.

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We have not 1, not 2 but 3 Christmas trees this year at our Hotel! This one is certainly our favorite! We created it with our own hands, book by book. So here it is, in all its simplicity and beauty with day light. Photo by night time coming soon...???? Do you love our tree as much as we do? ????????✨ ----- Não temos 1, nem 2 mas sim 3 árvores de Natal este ano no nosso Hotel! Esta é certamente a nossa favorita. Livro a livro, com nossas próprias mãos conseguimos criá-la. Cá está ela, com toda a sua simplicidade e beleza à luz do dia. Fotografia tirada à noite, em breve.... ???? Também adoram a nossa árvore? ????????✨ . . . . . . . . #christmasdesign #christmastreesofinstagram #hotellobby #hotelstyle #bookdesign #bookchristmastree #creativechristmastree #sustainablechristmas #boutiquehotels #boutiquehotel #designcollection #designpost #designhotel #designhotels #interiordesign #designlovers #boutiquedeco #designcollection #sleekdesign #discoverportugal #instahotel #hotellifestyle #hoteldesign #hotelworld #designerdeinteriores #design #interiordesign #interiorstyle #interiorphotography #decor #designphotography #hoteldecor

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All it takes is a star at the top, and a string of fairy lights wrapped gently around the constructed “tree” — being careful not to damage the pages, of course — and voila! A book lover’s Christmas dream come true.

One for the cat people

Christmas time can be a contentious issue in a household with cats. Felines are known for playing with anything hanging within their reach, and the holiday decor is often one of their biggest casualties around this time of the year. The result is that many homes opt not to put up a tree at all, or deal with endless frustrations having to right the tree each time it’s been viciously attacked.

But some have come up with much better solutions to these issues: Floating trees that are out of the claws’ reach.

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The floating Christmas tree ????

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One for those living in warmer climes

The Douglas fir is not a tree that loves the heat. For those living in the southern states, or indeed in the southern hemisphere, obtaining a real tree that fits the picture of Christmas is not always the easiest task in the world. Instead, people in these areas have come up with a much better, and much more environmentally friendly, solution to the problem.

Local can be very unique, even if it’s not the same, and can show off the homegrown pride too! Just check out this cactus in Mexico, dressed to the nines for the festive season.

And this one with its very cultural decorations in Peru.

One for the origamist & potters

These simple trees are quite pretty in their own right, and perfect for a home that doesn’t have space for a big tree. They’re also much easier on the cleanup duty come January, and won’t take up a ton of storage space either! If you’re chucking them after Christmas, just be sure to pop them in the recycling bin.

The ceramic trees are just helpful on the space front, and can bring that little bit of festive cheer into a room that needs a little brightening around Christmas.

One for the person who plans to party til they drop

Ever wanted to be able to consume your Christmas tree? Well, now you can! All it takes is tier upon tier of champagne, and you have a both festive and delicious tree. Cleanup will also be a ton more fun.

One for the fashionistas

Somewhere around the globe, someone realized that a tree also looks like a skirt, and decided to bring that vision to life on a mannequin. The result is an unexpectedly beautiful Christmas tree-skirt.

The manager at a Christian Louboutin store also noticed a resemblance between a Christmas tree and the products in-store, and created this festive tree for customers to enjoy.

And the one for people with plenty of time

Some people like to go all out. No minimalist, no paper, no blown up latex gloves. Some love to have trees for days in their homes, and have the time and imagination to decorate them in ways most people wouldn’t bother to do. The beauty and the love that goes into these creations is evident, as well as the endless effort to come up with something quite unique.

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Holiday mood from my daughter @katiaharmon from Vail. So creative! Bravo! 20 years ago I started collecting porcelain handmade houses from Dickens Village and now it’s our tradition to display them for Christmas. Every year we build something new. Please send me your creative Holiday designs to be shared with all of us ❄️Happy Holidays to All ❄️ @socialite_magazine #natalystuart #editor • • • • • • • • • • #luxuryinfluencer #holidaydecor #creativechristmastree #christmasbydesign #luxurydecor #luxuryliving #vail #vailcolorado #aspen #aspencolorado #aspendecor #dickensvillage #рождество #зима #аспен #новогоднееоформление #новогоднеенастроение @vogueitalia @fsvail @vailmag @homedecorators @architecturedose @modern_interiordesign

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