Meghan Markle's Mom Seen Teaching Yoga In LA Following 'Snub' Of Queen Elizabeth's Christmas Invitation

Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Ragland, has been spotted around Los Angeles wearing casual clothes and going to yoga classes days before Christmas, after reportedly turning down an offer to spend Christmas at Sandringham Palace with her daughter's new side of the family.

Last week, People reported that Queen Elizabeth had extended an invitation to Ms. Ragland to spend Christmas with the Windsors at Sandringham Castle, the Royal property where the family has traditionally spent Christmas for decades. If the Queen did indeed extend an invitation to the 62-year-old (it remains clear if the invitation was real or just the subject of rumors), it would have been an exceptionally rare honor; so rarely do non-royals (let alone Americans) receive invitations to royal events that even the parents of Kate Middleton, the wife of the future King, have not been invited to Sandringham.

Supposedly, according to the Daily Express, the Queen decided to issue the invitation because she was so impressed with the grace and dignity with which the mother of the Duchess behaved during the Royal Wedding in May. As it turns out though, Doria won't be flying to England to spend Christmas at Sandringham with her daughter and her new family.

For reasons that remain unclear, however, Doria won't be spending Christmas with Meghan and her new family after all. A report last week from Cosmopolitan gives conflicting answers as to why. She may not have actually been invited. Perhaps she doesn't want to buck tradition and be one of the rare non-royals to partake in the tradition. Or perhaps more likely, she has to work (she's a social worker and yoga instructor.) What's more, she's rumored to be planning an "extended trip" to the U.K. for the spring, and two trans-Atlantic trips in the space of a few months are just a bit much, especially for someone with a job.

Speaking of jobs, Ms. Ragland has been spotted by paparazzi around L.A. this week doing just that: going to work. Specifically, she's been seen in casual clothing, perfect for yoga instructing, going into L.A.-area nursing homes and community centers where she's known to teach. If she were planning to head for England for Christmas, she's cutting it pretty close.

Meanwhile, reports have sprung up that Doria is planning on moving in with her daughter, son-in-law, and soon-to-be grandchild. While it is true that Meghan and Harry are ditching Kensington Palace, where they live next-door to William and Kate, for the privacy of Frogmore House (another royal residence), Ms. Ragland reportedly has no plans to move into the home with Meghan, and instead intends to remain in California.