Rubio Reaches For Water: SOTU Lies By Obama Ignored Over Trivialities

“Rubio reaches for water” has become one of the world’s most trending internet searches according to The Inquisitr. But, considering the Obama lies made during the State of the Union address, why are people focusing on such trivialities?

The Examiner picked up immediately on one of the most obvious Obama lies made during the SOTU:

“Obama engaged in an obvious contradiction on government spending. While claiming that he supports budgetary restraint and a freeze on federal spending, he also called for ‘investment’ in America–a code term for increased spending of taxpayers’ money at a time when the country cannot afford it. In terms of sheer logic, it only follows that if there is a spending freeze there can be no increased ‘investment’ of tax dollars in anything.”

In the SOTU, Obama said nothing about unemployment, which has spiked upward to 7.9 percent once again as 20 states reported an increase in the jobless rate and only one state reported a decline. The housing market may have seen some improvements, but some experts feel this was caused by investors grabbing up all the good deals, not by potential homeowners suddenly deciding to take on a mortgage during a long recession.

The fact that Rubio reaches for water is nothing compared to the looming economic disaster that will be spurred by the unsustainable mountain of debt, and the striking increase in gasoline and food prices which have raised the cost of living for most Americans. The only good news is that the Federal deficit has reduced down to $1 trillion, although that’s probably because of the Obama tax increases.

Many Americans feel their goal to retire at 60 is no longer part of the American dream. Small businesses are under fire from government policies, with things being so crazy that the average income for small business owners is much, much lower than the average salaries for government workers.

Obama also claimed “we relied less on foreign oil than in any of the past sixteen years,” but, according to USA Today, “lower imports are the result of lower demand caused by a sluggish economy, and growth in production is largely due to industry’s ability to extract oil from shale rock in North Dakota’s Bakken area.” Some experts believe that Obama and company will try to use the upcoming boom in domestic oil production to fuel the greatest expansion of the Federal government seen since FDR. In essence, Obama is trying to take credit for something that has nothing to do with him.

Do you think people are wasting their time talking about “Rubio reaches for water” when Obama’s lies made in the State of the Union are piling up around him?