Anthropologie Is Literally Selling A Bundle Of Sticks For $42, And They’ve Sold Out For Christmas

The next time you walk out into your yard and see a group of fresh grass clippings or some fallen leaves, don’t just kick them or throw them away. There is always the possibility they could be worth money, and Anthropologie has proven that very fact. The store sells clothing, accessories, and all kinds of decorations for your home, including a small bundle of sticks, which are being sold for a grand total of $42.

If you’re hoping to get some during your last-minute Christmas shopping, though, you’re in for a disappointment. They will not be able to be delivered in time for the big holiday as they are currently sold out.

Oh, and none of this is a joke. This is all completely real, and there are multiple twig bundles available for all your home decorating or fire-starting needs.

Revelist pointed out that Anthropologie is selling a bundle of twigs which are listed as “birchwood” and “imported,” but there isn’t much more to describe them. The bundle of twigs includes 20 of these amazing sticks, and they are all kept tightly together with a couple of pieces of string or twine.

If you’d to pick up some of these stick bundles from Anthropologie, you’ll have to wait until they’re back in stock.

The item is not always listed on Anthropologie’s website, though, and it isn’t due to people calling them out on social media. Sometimes, it does pop up and other times it doesn’t, but that is likely due to it being sold out.

Some social media users have kept up with available items, and have screenshots of the “Birch Branch Bundle” disassembled if you need to get a closer look at what you’re buying.

For now, that particular item is sold out, and you won’t be able to order a $42 bundle of sticks in time for Christmas. While it may be too late to get one of those last-minute items from Anthropologie, there are other nature products for you to pick up which aren’t quite as expensive.

There is a set of three “Faux Birch Branches,” which can be yours for just $38, as listed on the official website for Anthropologie.

“This trio of faux branches looks lovely on its own or as part of an artful arrangement – it’s a decorative touch that’s always in season.”

If you search around, there is also a single “Decorative Birch Branch,” which is quite unique and may end up being a one-of-a-kind item. The description from Anthropologie states that “due to its nature, expect slight variation in the size and appearance of each piece.”

Oh, there is also a single “Magnolia Leaf Stem” for $38, which is listed as one of Anthropologie’s “faux botanicals.” All of these nature items can be yours for the holiday season, or anytime really, if you’re willing to pay $42 for a bundle of sticks.