Yury Kostitsyn Says There Is No Moon Landing Conspiracy, And Faking It Would Be More ‘Complex’ Than Doing It

NASAGetty Images

Despite how far the world has advanced in science, there is still a small segment of the population that believes the U.S. moon landings were faked. After Russia jokingly stated that they would verify for themselves whether humans had actually set foot on the moon, Russian scientist Yury Kostitsyn has just come out and stated definitively that there is absolutely no moon landing conspiracy and that it would be crazy to think otherwise.

As RT reported, Russia’s space chief, Dmitry Rogozin, recently quipped that future missions to the moon by Russia will allow astronauts to search for Neil Armstrong’s footprints in order to prove that the moon landings weren’t really set up on a sound stage somewhere in West Hollywood.

Rogozin certainly wouldn’t be the first person to address the madness of moon landing conspiracies, however, and according to IFL Science, in 2015, Professor Brian Cox had stern words for conspiracy theorists on this subject and made his feelings about these people known on Twitter.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you don’t think Apollo 11 landed on Moon you are a colossal nob end & should get a new brain,” he stated at the time.

Buzz Aldrin himself even got into the fun as well and quoted Professor Cox’s tweet, joking that if American moon landings had truly been faked, Russia would’ve worked it out and exposed the hoax for what it really was.

“@ProfBrianCox is a pretty smart guy. Also the Russians would have exposed by now if we didn’t land. #Apollo11”

Russian scientists agree with Buzz Aldrin, and Yury Kostitsyn, the head of Russia’s Institute of Analytical Chemistry, has stated empirically that if the United States had really wanted to stage a moon landing conspiracy, faking these moon landings would have been much more cost prohibitive than actually performing them.

“Faking the landing of the American astronauts to the Moon would have been more complex and expensive than actually doing it.”

Kostitsyn also reminded skeptics that one of the major pieces of proof that astronauts have really landed on the moon is the moon soil that they have brought back with them. This moon soil was studied not just in the United States, but in laboratories the world over and this is something that simply could not be faked.

Falsifying moon soil is impossible. The Americans brought back to Earth about 300 kilos of it, most of it basalt. We have basalts on Earth too, but they are significantly different from the lunar ones in their chemical composition, properties, and structure. There is nothing to argue about Americans landing on the moon between 1969 and 1972. You won’t hear a single cosmonaut say they didn’t.”

Now that Russian scientist Yury Kostitsyn has taken up Dmitry Rogozin’s joking suggestion of verifying whether the United States really landed on the moon, perhaps conspiracy theorists will finally be satisfied now that these moon landings have not been faked.