Busy Philipps Received A Surprise Phone Call From Oprah And Her Reaction Was Adorable

Emma McIntyreGetty Images For dcp

The set for Busy Philipp’s new late-night talk show is nothing short of amazing, featuring quirky artwork and brightly-colored furniture galore. Busy even has a special telephone specifically for calls from her idol Oprah Winfrey that had yet to be put to use–until last night.

Busy’s lemon yellow “Oprah phone” tucked in the corner of her cozy set finally rang during the airing of her E! network talk show Busy Tonight on Thursday, December 21, USA Today reported, and the talk show host had an adorable reaction when she found out who was on the line.

Busy was dolled up in a glitzy, glamorous red holiday dress as she made her way over to take the phone call, trying to prepare herself for the conversation to come. Upon finding out that her idol was the one giving her a ring, she immediately burst into tears of joy, receiving applause and cheers of excitement from her audience.

“I’m just calling to make sure this doggone phone works,” Oprah said to her superfan, who was smiling from ear to ear and wiping away tears.

“Oh my God, it does,” Busy assured her. “It does. It’s for you, anytime you want to call. We can talk about whatever: Harvest Day or just, like, vegetables.”

And that’s exactly what the two talked about–Oprah revealed that she had just returned from her garden with “beautiful baskets” full of “everything,” including tangerines that Busy hilariously requested a photo of.

“Your photos of your Harvest Day really bring me a lot of joy,” Busy explained, to which Oprah reciprocated by telling her what brings her joy.

“I’m so happy that you’re on late night. It’s so good to see a woman on late night!” she said, earning more applause from the audience.

And Winfrey was able to surprise one of the newest members of the late-night talk show world even more by inviting her over sometime, to which Busy naturally obliged.

After ending her life-altering call, Busy couldn’t help but wonder how she was supposed to follow up for the remaining time of the episode.

“How do we recover from Oprah calling?” she asked, still crying visibly in disbelief at what had just happened. “It’s just been a wild time in everybody’s lives, and that was really nice. I don’t know what to say.”

And in typical Busy fashion, she added a little humor the moment, assuring fans that her obsession with the talk show icon was in fact real.

“In case anybody thought my Oprah thing was a bit–I’m not that good of an actress,” she quipped.

After it’s holiday break, Busy Tonight will resume airing in 2019 Monday-Thursday every week at 10 p.m. on E! network.