Rubio Reaches For Water As Internet Users Focus On The Mundane

“Rubio reaches for water” is one of the most popular trending terms on the internet following President Obama’s State of the Union Speech.

The term began trending after Marco Rubio awkwardly grabbed for a bottle of water and, in the process, made a very slight grimace face.

During his 10-minute rebuttal to President Obama’s SOTU speech, Rubio reached for his bottled water, which was just out of his reach.

Rubio struggled to stay fully in the camera’s line of sight as he grabbed for the water bottle, which in turn led to an even more awkward exchange.

After taking a sip of water, Rubio attempted to constrain his facial expression, which in turn only made the situation worse.

Experts on the GOP side of the table are calling Rubio’s rebuttal a win for the GOP, while opponents claim that his lack of composure proves he is unready for a higher office.

Following Rubio’s water reach his team decided to show off their sense of humor, posting a Twitter message that includes a photograph of Poland Spring Bottled water.

Here is the Rubio Tweet following his SOTU rebuttal speech:

In case you missed the rebuttal speech and you are curious as to why the term “Rubio reaches for water” has been trending, here is the video clip:

Do you think Marco Rubio reaching for a bottle of water right in the middle of his SOTU rebuttal speech was a big deal?