December 20, 2018
Here's America's Least Favorite Christmas Candy

It's nearly Christmas and already people are starting to overindulge as Christmas parties and work breakups lead the way with Christmas looming. As well as hearty meals, those special once a year Christmas treats are now on offer. Many Christmas candies are irresistible. However, Candy Store's new poll has revealed the worst Christmas candies that people like to avoid during the festive season.

According to Candy Store, retailers could expect to see over $2 billion in Christmas candy sales this year. Some of those dollars will likely be spent on last minute or emergency gifts that will include some Christmas treats that many people simply abhor.

So, what do the people polled think are the worst Christmas candies of all time?

Per Candy Store's poll, which included surveying 13,000 people, the worst Christmas candies -- and not likely a surprise to many -- is Christmas tree nougat candy and reindeer corn.

The top ten list of the worst Christmas candy, according to Candy Store's poll, is as follows.

  1. Christmas tree nougat
  2. Reindeer corn
  3. Peeps
  4. Peppermint bark
  5. Chocolate-covered cherry cordials
  6. Lifesavers Story Books
  7. White peppermint M&Ms
  8. Candy canes (non-peppermint)
  9. Ribbon candy
  10. Old-fashioned hard candy mix
And for those of you who are wondering why non-peppermint flavored candy canes made the list and not the regular peppermint flavored ones, Candy Store also made honorable mention for these treats since they just missed out on making the top ten list.

In addition, the fact that peppermint bark made their top ten list for worst Christmas treats is considered to be a controversial one. After all, when Candy Store recently did a state-by-state survey on the most loved Christmas candies, peppermint bark actually made that list as well. However, it seems to be one of those treats that is determined to divide the nation.

Candy Store also invited people to give their thoughts on why they considered these treats the worst. As it turned out, people had an awful lot to say about the worst Christmas candies.

"The answer for worst candy is always candy corn," one person said in response to their dislike for reindeer corn.

"Seasons don't matter."
In fact, candy corn seems to be such a universally hated treat that company is even offering to mail out 55 pounds of the "treat" to one "lucky" Twitter user.
"We call peppermint bark Grinch vomit," offered another person.
"Because it looks like Christmas vomit."
"Peeps snowmen," one survey respondent said.
"Nice try Peeps, but it's still a Peep."
"The Christmas tree nougat candies," another person responded.
"My kid spits one out in my hand every year."
What's your worst Christmas candy? Why don't you let us know by voting in the poll!