Julie Bowen Calls Sarah Hyland ‘A Tough Little Cookie’ As She Continues To Fight Her Health Battles

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has been open with the public about her endometriosis and the many surgeries she has had to undergo in recent years, including multiple transplants. While she recently shared that she even contemplated suicide after her first kidney transplant failed, as well as the pressure she felt after receiving a second, her on-screen mother, Julie Bowen, has sung her praises for the strength she has shown in the face of it all.

As reported by Entertainment Tonight Online, Bowen spoke of how she marvels over Hyland at the Feeding America event in Los Angeles over the weekend.

“She’s a little rock star. What her body has gone through… if you’ve ever met her, I mean. I’m not big, and she next to me is a little slip of a thing. I don’t even know how many surgeries she has been though. And she’s a tough little cookie. I know she’s a survivor and she’s a lovely person as well. I’m very proud of her. I’m proud of all my real and fake children. I really am. They’ve all turned out really well.”

Hyland has, on occasion, shared photos of her scars from the multiple surgeries she has undergone, usually in bikini posts.

Despite her struggles with her health, and, as a result, her mental health as well, Hyland makes sure to keep living her life to the fullest. The actress looks after her health as best she can, hitting the gym almost daily, going on relaxing holidays, and enjoying the nightlife L.A. has to offer.

She hasn’t cut back on her work either. Her character on Modern Family just recently revealed that she is pregnant with boyfriend Dylan’s baby, shocking fans and her family on the show. Shortly after that episode aired, Hyland took to her Instagram account to share a photo of herself wearing the “baby bump” she will no doubt be seen with in episodes in the not too distant future.

“It’s appropriate,” Bowen said of the surprising news. “We watched these kids grow up. It’s kind of, at the end of the pilot, it was Elton John, ‘The Circle of Life.’ Granted, with a very funny twist. That is [what we’re doing]. We’re doing the circle of life. Babies making babies. We just keep going!”

Modern Family went on production break after the December 12 episode, and will return on January 9, where fans will get to see the Dunphys and the Pritchetts adjusting to Haley and Dylan’s bombshell on Christmas.

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