Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini Show Off Their Imitations Of Each Other With James Corden

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini are showing off their acting chops — and poking some good-natured fun at each other at the same time. The two stars have been hard at work promoting their new comedy Second Act, and the two close friends have been having a ball. Fans got to see them cut loose and have fun on a recent episode of The Late Late Show With James Cordon, and the actresses did not disappoint.

As told by People, on Wednesday the duo continued their press tour for Second Act, which stars Lopez and features Remini in a hilarious supporting role. During their time on Corden’s show, the two began joking about one of their biggest differences: the Bronx versus Brooklyn accent.

Corden started the conversation hoping to get some pointers on how to do a passable imitation of either signature speaking style. Lopez, who hails from the Bronx, explained that while there are a few major accents in New York, there are just as many variations depending on exactly where you’re from and your cultural heritage.

Clearly experienced in the different types of New York accents, Lopez began to flawlessly provide some examples — which Corden gamely (if unsuccessfully) attempted to mimic. Then Remini, who hails originally from Brooklyn, threw in her own accent interpretations into the mix.

Then Corden really raised the stakes, asking the actresses if they would be willing to impersonate each other. Lopez jumped at the chance to play her best friend, while Remini seemed genuinely baffled by this turn of events. Lopez then did a pitch-perfect impression of her pal, although Remini denied her accuracy and good-naturedly warned her to cut it out.

“I will mess up your bun,” she told Lopez.

That got things under control quickly, as Lopez immediately stopped joking when talk turned to damaging her hairstyle. Corden, for his part, seemed delighted by the two friends’ interaction.

“Did you see the absolute seriousness that Jennifer responded when you just mentioned the fact that you might mess up her bun?” Corden said during the interview. “It was all fun and games.”

Despite their nonstop joking and teasing, it’s clear the two are extremely close friends with a tremendous amount of respect for each other — and, as this press tour has demonstrated, a good sense of humor about themselves.

Although they’ve been friends for years, Second Act marks the first time the singer and King of Queens stars have joined forces on the big screen.