New Day Hilariously Trolled Daniel Bryan On ‘SmackDown’ Last Night

The New Day making their way to the ring at a WWE event.

If there’s one thing WWE isn’t known for, it’s subtlety. The company tends to repeat or spell out most jokes, but The New Day managed to slide a hilarious troll job into the start of SmackDown Live, and quite a few people actually missed it.

As the show kicked off, the entire SmackDown Live roster was meeting in the back to announce that Paige would no longer be the general manager of the show. The superstars, both heel and babyface alike, cheered Paige on for the great job she did, and then the show moved on.

Some of the performers who were featured in very visible positions were Daniel Bryan and The New Day. Anyone who looked closely would notice that The New Day was eating something. However, at first glance, one would probably assume that they were eating pancakes, as that’s their gimmick.

But at a closer glance, The New Day actually appeared to be eating steak. And not only were they standing right next to Bryan while they were eating the meat, but Big E could clearly be seen glancing Bryan’s way to make sure the reigning WWE Champion was looking.

Daniel Bryan’s new heel character is all about preaching to save the environment in the most condescending way possible. While trying to make the world a better place doesn’t necessarily seem like something a bad guy would do, it’s all about the delivery and the way he insults the crowd that makes him a heel. He’s also a vegan, so he’s certainly not down with eating meat.

The New Day chomping down on a steak while staring at Daniel Bryan is such a funny, yet subtle, troll job. Because The New Day and Bryan aren’t directly involved in any storylines with each other, it wouldn’t make sense for them to be overt about it, but the subtle diss was there for fans who were paying attention.

There was actually another nice little dig at the “New” Daniel Bryan on the show from a fan. Per, the fan, who was seated right along the area where superstars make their way to the ring, had a hilarious sign that read “Yes, this sign wasted paper!”

Bryan even stopped to look at the sign for some time with a disgusted look on his face. It was a small thing, but that, along with The New Day’s steak extravaganza, made for an interesting night for SmackDown Live’s top heel.

In addition, Bryan also lost to Mustafa Ali on the latter’s first night as a SmackDown Live performer. Maybe Tuesday, December 18 is a day Daniel Bryan will want to forget.