Man Marries His 4-Year-Old Dying Daughter In Cancer Hospital To Fulfill Her Dream Of Becoming A Bride

Sarah Batool Haider

A father in China fulfilled the wish of his 4-year-old cancer-stricken daughter, who wished to become a bride, by holding a special "wedding ceremony" in the hospital.

According to a Daily Mail report, the little girl, identified as Yaxin, was diagnosed with an advanced stage of leukemia and could die within two months if she is not treated. Her father, Yuan Dongfang, however, said that he doesn't have enough money for the treatment.

Per local media reports, the heartbroken father said that his family has already spent all of their savings to save the child's life and have even run into massive debts over the past two years.

Dongfang told journalists that he has already borrowed around 400,000 yuan ($58,000) to pay hospital bills but doctors told him that further treatment would cost him approximately another 600,000 ($87,000).

Mr. Dongfang said that his daughter told him that she wanted to be a bride and considering that she won't be able to survive for long, he decided to hold the wedding at Yaxin's ward at Beijing's Boren Hospital. Dongfang acted as the groom of his daughter.

Per the report, the "wedding ceremony" took place on November 17 this year, where Mr. Dongfang knelt down to present a small bouquet of flowers to his daughter, who wore a make-shift wedding costume by wrapping a white towel on the head and another around her waist.

"I told her that we could go home when she recovers. She could go home to find her playmates, go to the zoo or school, find a job or get married."

Yaxin then innocently asked her dad if he would like to be her "boyfriend" or "husband" to marry her. He fulfilled her wish even though she didn't know what marriage means.

"She might not understand the meaning of getting married. She might just think that it is a wonderful thing and therefore wants to do it."

The family comes from a financially-disadvantaged background and Mr. Dongfang explained that his parents are old and ill and he had to work extra hours to pay for the medical bills of his elderly parents as well.

The situation for the family worsened in September 2016 when Yaxin, who was two years of age at the time, was diagnosed with "acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of blood cancer that mainly affects younger people and starts from young white blood cells in the bone marrow," the report said.