Burger King Coffee Gets A Boost From Seattle’s Best

Seattle's Best

Burger King coffee is getting a boost in the form of 10 new custom-blended beverages.

On February 12, Burger King announced the launch of its updated coffee platform. Available in restaurants nationwide, the new offerings are blended by Seattle’s Best Coffee.

The official press release describes the new morning beverages:

“Introducing a new, 100 percent Latin American arabica bean custom blend crafted with Burger King guests in mind, consumers can opt for hot or iced coffee in a variety of delicious flavors like vanilla, mocha and caramel. Additionally, for the first time ever this March, guests are invited to indulge in a café-quality latté that is rich in flavor.”

Increasing their current coffee line by 50 percent, Burger King spent just under a year developing the new coffees with Seattle’s Best, a brand owned by Starbucks.

Eric Hirschhorn, vice president of global innovation for Burger King Worldwide Inc., spoke about the collaboration in the company’s press release:

“Burger King brand’s new specialty coffee line is the latest example of our commitment to delivering a great-tasting product customized to evolving consumer tastes. Continuing to innovate and improve the Burger King brand’s coffee and beverage platforms are among our top priorities for the year. With the help of our experienced partner, Seattle’s Best Coffee, we were able to collaborate, identify and develop the ideal custom blend that is perfect for our guests.”

According to USA Today, Burger King’s update to its morning beverage options could prove lucrative for the company. The move follows a six percent increase in the number of specialty coffee drinks consumed in the United States last year.

Available now, Burger King’s new Seattle’s Best coffee beverages can be found at restaurant locations nationwide.