December 18, 2018
Brielle Biermann Shows Off Massive, 'Ridiculous' Lips After Thanking God For 'This Body'

Brielle Biermann isn't looking like herself in her latest social media photo.

On Monday, December 18, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member and current star of her mom Kim Zolciak's spinoff show, Don't Be Tardy, posted a photo of herself in a tube top with some very dark and very large lips. In the caption, she encouraged her fans and followers not to compare themselves to the "unrealistic illusions" people share.

"Social media can seriously harm your mental health... stop comparing yourself to a lot of these unrealistic illusions that people create to make you think their life is perfect. No such thing as a life that's better than yours!" she wrote.

Although Biermann made a point to block her online audience from commenting on her photo, fans were able to voice their opinions on a post shared by the Daily Mail hours later, and they didn't hold back. In fact, in addition to the people who said that Biermann didn't even look like herself, some said she looked "awful" and "horrid."

"She looks absolutely ridiculous! It looks like she had a severe allergic reaction. Why would someone do this on purpose?" one person asked.

"Delusional to think they look good. What happen to natural beauty? She was a pretty girl before she started following her moms bad choices," another said.

Many fans pointed out that while Biermann is just 21, she looks much older due to the choices she's been making for her face.

Brielle Biermann poses on Instagram with big lips.
Instagram | Brielle Biermann

While many fans and followers of the Zolciak/Biermann family have reacted with horror to the way Biermann's face has been changing over the past several months, Biermann appears to be quite happy with her new look and recently thanked God for her body.

"On this Sunday, I just wanna thank God for this body," she wrote.

Again, Biermann disabled comments, likely in an effort to avoid the backlash she often receives in regard to her evolving look.

Also on the Daily Mail's post, a fan reacted to the caption Brielle chose for her latest photos of her large, "ridiculous" lips.

"The irony of the girl who photoshops every picture telling others to not compare themselves to people on social media?!?! Maybe she should take her own advice," the person wrote.

Meanwhile, another fan blamed Zolciak for "passing her insecurities and dysfunction on to her children."

Brielle Biermann and her family will return to Bravo TV next year for the seventh season of Don't Be Tardy.