President Donald Trump 'Hates Every Minute' Of His Heavy Christmas Party Schedule, Says 'Intelligencer'

'Tis the season for a calendar packed full of Christmas parties for President Donald Trump. The president and his wife, Melania Trump, attended the first of their holiday parties Monday night at the White House and they have many more appearances to put in before they can relax. However, a new report details that the president despises these events and can't wait until they are over.

According to New York Magazine's Intelligencer, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump will hit 21 Christmas parties by December 26. They'll be expected to stick around each event for a couple of hours or so each time, and this schedule seems to be similar to what is typically expected of each United States president these days.

As Raw Story details, White House staffers have reportedly dished that the president has a "special loathing" for these holiday parties. Apparently, he tries to escape from them as quickly as he can manage.

Insiders say that the current president "hates every minute" of these Christmas parties. Trump's base knows that he typically loves large events and rallies where he is the center of attention. When it comes to these holiday events, though, it's apparently an entirely different ball game. One insider says that, ultimately, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Trump despises these Christmas-related obligations.

"It makes perfect sense, because it's not about him! If it were about him, he'd love it. Christmas is not about him."
According to an unnamed senior White House official, the president "just gets impatient" with what is "just a lot" with the packed schedule of parties. The official claims that Trump "likes to go go go" and gets restless being stuck at events like these.
Last year, it seems that Trump got especially impatient with long lines where he was expected to pose for photo after photo with attendees. This year, fewer Christmas parties will include this component. Apparently, that change has led to the president being in a better mood so far for this year's events.

While President Trump may dread these events, it looks like most people had a pretty good time at Monday night's party. As the Daily Mail details, there were a lot of familiar faces there, including the likes of Sean Spicer, Sebastian Gorka, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and social media personalities Diamond and Silk.

It'll be a busy week for President Donald Trump and Melania as they juggle all of their commitments and plan for some downtime over the holidays at Mar-A-Lago. Will the president manage to maintain a relatively cheery disposition throughout these Christmas parties despite his alleged distaste for them? Both his critics and his supporters will be watching to see how smoothly these parties go for Trump.