John Legend ‘Eager’ To Get To Work On ‘The Voice,’ Hoping He Will Find A Superstar

John Legend sings at a concert in London.
Ian Gavan / Getty Images

John Legend is anxiously awaiting his upcoming gig as a coach on The Voice.

As fans of the singer, or the man who is commonly known as Chrissy Teigen’s husband, know, he will take a coaching seat next season on NBC’s hit show The Voice. This season of the show is currently wrapping up and it won’t be long until Legend takes a seat alongside Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Kelly Clarkson.

A source close to the singer tells Hollywood Life that Legend is thrilled to be coaching and he can’t wait to jump right in.

“John is very eager to start with The Voice next season. He is really interested in the process and would like nothing more than to take someone from his future team to superstardom.”

The source also shares that John would like to break the stigma that Voice winners don’t do well after winning the show, seeing their careers fail to take off. John’s determined to change that by finding a star and making them a superstar. And since he’s already the winner of an Emmy, a Golden Globe, an Oscar, and a Tony, also known as the EGOT, he is joking with the other coaches that he will be the first person ever to add The Voice to those accomplishments, making himself the first ever VEGOT winner.

But while John is totally business when it comes to his latest job as The Voice coach, the source shares that he is also ready to have fun.

“He is very determined to have fun with the show, win the show and make someone a superstar from it,” the source shares. “It would be a great achievement among all his other accolades.”

And while Legend’s professional life seems to be going very well, so is his personal life. As mentioned before, Legend won the coveted EGOT Award and also welcomed a son, Miles Stephens, with his wife Chrissy Teigen earlier this year. Not only that, but his wife also had an amazing year of her own, teaming up with Target for a cookware line and also winning the Woman of the Year Award from Glamour Magazine.

As the Inquisitr reported, Legend was the one who presented his wife with the award but when it was time for Chrissy to accept the award, she got very emotional when she thanked her husband.

“I joke about it a lot, but I truly have the most incredible husband on the planet,” Teigen said as she choked back tears. “You are our everything. You completely made me a woman. We’ve grown together. Our family’s grown together. Our careers have grown together.”

It’s obviously been a great year to be Chrissy Teigen and John Legend!