WWE News: WWE Confirms Two Injured Superstars Are Going To Be Returning To ‘Monday Night Raw’ Soon

Everyone knew that this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was going to be a big one full of shock, surprises, and big news. Vince McMahon returned to WWE television to announce that the fans would be getting more of what they want. A number of NXT call-ups to the main roster were announced. Now, an injured superstar, who has been out for quite a long time, will be returning to in-ring action very soon.

The last time the fans saw Sami Zayn, he was feuding with Bobby Lashley in what was a really strange program. In late June, Zayn confirmed to the official website of WWE that he was dealing with two torn rotator cuffs and that surgery would be required to fix things.

Zayn knew that things were bad and time would be needed if he was going to get back to normal.

“The doctors said it went great. I’m in a considerable amount of pain right now, but it’s okay. The first three days, if I remember from my last surgery, are pretty bad, but then after that it’s pretty manageable. It’s just a really slow healing process.”

It has been almost half a year since Zayn was seen on WWE television, but it won’t be too much longer. Halfway through Monday Night Raw, there was an announcement made that Sami Zayn would be seen again soon.

After both of his surgeries, the initial timeframe was for Sami Zayn to return to WWE in around eight months. That would have put him on schedule for a return sometime in February which would give him plenty of time to get something going for WrestleMania.

Depending on how his recovery is going, fans may end up seeing him back before that time and possibly by the Royal Rumble in January. Of course, nothing is confirmed, but WWE promoting his return “soon” in December is a good sign for his fans.

Just a few days ago, Zayn had provided an update on his injuries and how his recovery was coming along. He actually referred to this experience as a “gift” and the chance to get perspective of other things in his life.

Monday Night Raw had been hit hard with injuries as Kevin Owens went out around the same time as Zayn after having double knee surgery. Owens was originally expected back sometime in late February or early March, but WWE may end up holding him out until after WrestleMania in early April.

In the third hour of Monday Night Raw, WWE also revealed that Owens would be coming back soon.

With injuries to numerous superstars and plummeting ratings, WWE is looking to shake things up. That was a huge reason that Vince McMahon returned on Monday Night Raw with other members of his family and even introduced six NXT superstars being called up soon.

Vince McMahon’s return on this week’s Monday Night Raw did indeed shake things up with the reveal that the fans would be getting more of what they want. Not only were a number of NXT call-ups announced, but the returns of two major superstars were also revealed. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have been dealing with major injuries, but the former best friends/bitter enemies are coming back to WWE soon.

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