‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Says She’s 50 Days Sober, Reveals When She Knew She Had To Give Up Drinking

Tommy GarciaBravo

Lala Kent has cause to celebrate, but she won’t be toasting with an alcoholic drink. The Vanderpump Rules star, who got engaged to her fiance Randall Emmett in June, has revealed that she just hit a 50-day sobriety milestone. Kent told People that she made the decision to stop drinking and smoking marijuana after going through a tailspin following her father’s sudden death earlier this year.

“We’re just kind of taking a different turn with our life,” Kent told People.

The SUR hostess revealed that she turned to booze and put to numb the pain after her father, Kent Burningham, died in April at age 64 and that she soon realized she had a problem.

“I felt like, during the day I was like, ‘How am I so down to drink right now?’ And after my dad passed away we had lots of drinking. … I’m just wanting to be a healthy person.”

The Vanderpump Rules star has been open with her battle with anxiety, and she now says that since she has been sober things have been much better.

“I have been open about suffering from anxiety. And not saying I don’t anymore, but it has gone down tremendously since I gave up drinking,” the Bravo star said. “And I don’t smoke weed anymore. I’m a clean baby. And I feel like I glow a little bit more!”

Earlier this month, Lala Kent told Cosmopolitan that ever since she has been completely sober, she has “never been happier.” Kent also revealed that when she came to the conclusion that her drinking had become problematic, she picked up the phone on her own and called a sponsor. Kent now says that phone call was the best decision of her life.

“Drinking for me was medication instead of celebration,” Lala Kent said of the weeks following her father’s death. “Because when you lose someone… I’ve never had this type of heartache in my whole life, and it’s foreign.”

But quitting drinking cold turkey was not easy. While Lala Kent told TooFab that she made the decision to “break up with alcohol” after going through a period where she “began numbing myself from the moment I opened my eyes to the moment I closed them,” she admitted that it was hard to watch other people drink.

“I’d watch people drink and be like, ‘Oh, my gosh, my mouth is watering. I could so use about 20 vodka sodas,'” the Vanderpump Rules star said. “And now, it doesn’t even phase me. Now, I wake up in the morning, and I don’t regret anything I said or did.”

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